Things to be thankful for today

15 Things to be thankful for today that will make you a better person.


As you read 15 things to be thankful for in 2021 or today in life. before I jump into things to be thankful for today’s life I have one request for you is always be grateful for whatever you have.

Yes my friend before we go any further, please remember to be thankful for the things that god already give you.

what I’m trying to say this the more you feel thankful for whatever you have, the more you feel pleasure and happiness.

Let me explain, here is a list of things to be thankful for in life.

why it’s important to be thankful in life?

I'm thankful for
I’m thankful for whatever I have

so you’ll glad to know that the first thing to be thankful for today is your parent or family, brothers, and sisters.

can you imagine how fantastic that feels when you thankful for your mom and dad that always serve you whatever you ask?

As you may have noticed when you came from school your mom serve you food without asking you because your mom knew how did you feel.

in this world every mother don’t eat food until her child eat first.

so that is why be thankful for your mother.

and that’s not all but the father also deserves your love and thankful wishes because he works so hard all day to earn money for you by working all day.

whatever you ask for your father, your father arrange for you from somewhere. whenever there is no money in the pocket but your father always ready to fulfill your need or wish.

that’s why your parents is first things to be thankful today and forever in life.

The second things to be thankful for God

For the reason that god is run this world and god knows how to run, nobody knows better than god.

and remember your parents are your god, respect your mother and father, and God respects you as well.

In this world is a law, the magnet attracts a magnet as for example the more you thankful for your mother and father the more thank god for you.

here is an idea: be thankful for the things that you have and be respectful of your parents.

whatever you ask for god, god will give you, and best of all god give you more than you ask for.

Thankful for your health

The third thing to be thankful for every day is your good health this is very important to be thankful now for the reason you are a healthy, happy person and give thanks to your mind, eyes, sense, and to your whole body parts.

there’s an old saying, you are what you eat that’s why eat healthy food to make good health, don’t eat junk food that ruins your mind and your body.

if you want to eat something eat such as fruits, vegetables and drink more water to hydrate your body.

Thankful for a good education

The fourth thing to be thankful for today is your Good education, you already know that some people in the world don’t have an opportunity to get a better education to make a good career in life.

so that is why getting a better education is the fourth thing to be thankful for today and forever in life.

Capacity to read and learn

Fifth things to be thankful for a capacity to read and learn new things and new words.

If you are reading a book, article, blog watching videos on youtube in English that means you must thank for your capacity to read, learn and listen be thankful for your excellent education that your parents provide you.

Hopefully, you understand what I’m trying to say if you don’t understand what I mean don’t need to worry, let me give you a bit more clear why you should thank for your excellent education and a capacity to read and learn in English.

just imagine if your parents never send you a school for getting a good education, then you can’t even study and read, learn this blog and you cannot understand a single word.

what does all this mean to you?

if you got a better education in childhood and still getting it, you must be thankful for your parents that provide you a good education at an early age.

and that’s not all remember education is crucial to becoming a better person and education never ends, always keep learning, reading, and keep moving forward.

Education is key to Financial freedom.


as you probably know everyone knew that everybody in this world poor to wealthy people get 24 hours in a day and nobody gets more than 24 hours and nobody gets less than 24 hours.

want to know more about how to manage your time? here is a tip for time management.

The book add wisdom

things to be thankful for in today life is Book that adds wisdom into our life, yes everybody should be thankful for the book that we read by cause of book give you an idea, opportunity to know more about the world and one of the best things I love about the book is called imagination.

remember the more you read books, the more your imagination grow.

Waking up

honestly waking up everyday means you have an good opportunity to live a new day.

if you are getting a new day means God wants you to live a life as you want to live, and God wants you to work hard on yourself to become a better person.

Thankful for your eyesight

The thing to be thankful for every day is your eyesight if you see, read-write and observe your around that means your eyesight working properly and allow you to see the view.

Thankful for your mind

be thankful for your mind able to work effectively, and able to solve problems.

thankful for your mind to work effectively in a better condition and give you an ability to think more and learn more.


Be thankful for your ears to hear the voice around you and able to understand what someone else tells you.

hearing a voice around us we must be thankful every day in the life.


be thankful for surrounded by family every day due to many people don’t have time to spend with their family. if you have time please spend your time with your kids.

the more time you spend with family, the more love will grow among each other.


if you have kids love him/her so much and teach your kids about what is right or wrong in life.

and everyday teach your kids good lessons to remember in the future.

The roof over your head

Be thankful for a roof over your head and a place to live a happy life considering many people don’t have a roof over their head. however, you have a roof over your head means you are the lucky person.

suppose that it is raining outside although you don’t know because your roof has protected you from rain.

there are many people who haven’t a roof over their head and those people get wet in the rain.

remember if you have a roof over your head be thankful for the roof over your head in life.

Take care of yourself

so many things to be thankful but be thankful for those people that take care of yourself.

now if you think back to a time when someone who takes care of you a lot from small problems to big problems and never runs away from a problem and always standing for you to take care of yourself.

if you have someone that always caring for you and it should be kind to you that you have a such person in life.

Small achievements

things to be thankful for are your small achievements if you are happy in your life with small achievements please congrats yourself and if you feel happy that means you love your small achievements in life.


be thankful for internet to connecting one friends to another friends and allow each other to talk on facebook.

since internet is came it easier to learn new things online and stay in touch with family and friends.

Best friends

be thankful for your best friends in life to help you in difficult times and always standing with you whenever you need them.

make friends that help you whenever you need them and always tell you whenever you need to call me anytime and I’m always with you in difficult times.

spend your time with friends who help you to fulfill your dreams and help you in difficult times.

How to be thankful in difficult times?

if you have problems in life then take the time to think god and pray to god to remove these difficult times.

who remember god every time, god remember themselves.

the easiest way to control the mind in a difficult time is suggested by Lord Caitanya is chanting “Hare Krsna”.

In the end

be thankful for whatever you have in today life and be excited for what you get.

if you love this blog of things to be thankful for today, every day, and forever.

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