5 Rituals That Predict Success

5 Rituals That Predict Success: Robin Sharma


5 rituals that predict success these are five SOPs standard operating procedures that I encourage you to wire into your daily life through consistent practice.

because as you know so well consistency is the mother of mastery it’s not what you do once every year that is going to allow you to live a legendary life.

it’s what you do every single day which brings you to ritual number one.

1. Rituals of Early Rising

the ritual of early rising the way you begin each day sets up the way you live each day.

I mean the Spartan warriors set it. so well sweat more in training bleed lessen war and if you want to be literally undefeatable in business literally unstoppable in life you really want to dial in your morning routine and so you want to do things like starting the day sweating.

because that releases BDNF brain-derived neurotrophic factor that repairs brain cells from stress.

you want to sweat because that’s going to increase your metabolic rate which is going to give you energy and we live in a world where energy is even more valuable than its intelligence.

you want to in your morning routine take the time to write in a journal so you actually can detect your values reconnect with your goals each day get to know yourself.

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even more, because awareness is the beginning of transformation and you want to get your morning routine right so you take some time at the front end of your day to learn because as you learn more you know.

you’re going to achieve more and as you understand better you can achieve larger which brings you to the second ritual.

2. Rituals of Strategic time blocking

that will predict your success and it’s the ritual of strategic time blocking so you can tell me that excellence matters to you.

that productivity is a value that you adore that being great in business this is important to you.

that being a world-class family woman or family man is imperative for you but shows me your schedule and I’ll get a sense of your true values I mean your schedule each day really does predict the rest of your life.

so it’s not about what you talk about it’s about what you actually scheduled and the things that we schedule are the things that get done I’m going to repeat that again because it’s so important but the things that you schedule are the things that get done.

there’s something absolutely powerful about taking out a written piece of paper and I like writing it and having that map right in front of you.

it’s almost like a war sheet you’re like a warrior and every day is a battle but you know obviously.

a positive battle a productive battle but you literally start to schedule out every single day and I do it on Sunday mornings it’s like a sacred routine that I do and I take out this piece of paper and I literally do Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday and I call this my blueprint for a beautiful week and actually you don’t need a formal template.

you can do it in your journal you can do it on any piece of paper.

You can do it on a big piece of paper so you see it all day.

the second ritual that will predict your success is the rich of strategic time blocking.

Due to the fact that what gets scheduled gets done, and vague goals lead to vague results.

but with the precision of these time blocks and a very detailed schedule, you will accomplish extraordinary things in your week.

3. rituals of over-delivering

ritual that will predict your success the ritual of over delivering.

it is so rare in business and in society right now to see people that consistently go the extra mile you’re in a restaurant the server generally gives you what you expect or less than what you expect.

you go into a clothing store it’s what you expect or less than what you expect.

you do business with any organization it’s generally delivering on what you expect but more often even less.

so you have a gorgeous opportunity to lead the field in everything that you do by doing one thing practicing every single day because it’s a muscle the ritual of over-delivering.

don’t just give your customers what they expect to give them 10x more than what they expect don’t just give your organization what your manager what your boss what the organization is expecting from you.

If you are asked to do a project, give them five more things than what they expect so that they won’t forget you.

you’re asked to give a presentation on something go the extra mile consistently dial in the daily habit of over-delivering on people’s expectations.

guess what you become a merchant of Wow you become indispensable to your organization.

4. Rituals of daily learning

ritual number four that will definitely predict your success the ritual of daily learning and I call this the 60-minute student the 60-minute student no matter how busy you are no matter what’s on your plate.

You absolutely must if you want to be legendary in your marketplace you absolutely have to do this schedule 60 minutes a day for your learning.

it could be listening to audiobooks it could be the next day listening to a podcast it might be reading quietly it might be writing in a journal because writing in a journal about what you’re learning what you learn from your day.

what you’re learning from your life that is learning but 60 minutes a day I absolutely challenge you with great love and respect wire it into your day.

because those rituals will allow you to know more about your field than anyone who has ever done your field in the history of the world.

remember the fourth rituals to predict your success is the ritual of daily learning and don’t just do this once a of daily because as I said at the beginning consistency is the mother of mastery.

5. Private reflection

the ritual of private reflection well it’s very easy to be busy being busy but let me ask you what’s the point of being really busy in your work life.

or your personal life if you’re busy around the wrong things I mean it makes no sense to spend the best hours of your finest days.

climbing the mountains only to realize on the last hour of your last day you climb the wrong ones and so what is the antidote to busyness and being reactive.

its reflection and it’s not really common in our world right now you know a hundred years ago we would spend a lot of time on the farm.

I mean there wasn’t a lot of technology we spent a lot of time in reflection taking these long walks writing in a journal having conversations with intimate friends where would we reflect on deeper things.

and I’m simply suggesting to you that the fifth ritual that will absolutely predict your success is how much time you spend in silence solitude and stillness just thinking about how you’re living thinking about how you’re working.

thinking about whether your daily behavior is aligned with your deepest values thinking and reflecting on what you want your legacy to be thinking and reflecting on what’s your impact through the work you’re doing.

here’s a thing a great thing to reflect on ask yourself this question or write about it in your journal what is the one project that if I did it flawlessly over the next three months.

if you look at the people who are getting traction on great results they are people who spent a lot of time alone.

And they spent a lot of time thinking and they spent a lot of time in this ritual of reflection.

take at least one of the five rituals and absolutely find the time to practice it today.

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