lesson life taught me

7 Astonishing Lessons Life taught me.


This morning, I felt inspired to put pen to paper and write out the seven innocent lessons below.

they’ll remind you of what’s important. 

Treat everyone with respect

Your surrounding people will respect you as much as you respect them. Whenever or wherever you go, please respect everyone because every person on earth wants to be respected.

The more you respect people, the more love you will have for each other. Create a loving and respectful environment. Being respectful to others is good for everyone because every living wanting to be respected.

Having respect for others is a key ingredient to building trust. To respect someone, you have to treat them well and behave well.

respect lesson taught me

Here are few tips to Treat everyone with respect

  • Listen carefully
  • Acknowledge their points of view
  • Make them feel heard
  • Encourage them to speak more
  • Smile while you giving your opinions
  • Being polite
  • Be thankful

Admit your mistakes first before you show them their mistakes

If you want to treat yourself with respect and kindness, treat other people as you want to be treated.

When strangers or your friends give you a negative comment or abuse you, respond by relaxing your mind, soothing your emotions, and converting the negative into a positive.

To respect everyone around you, you need to get rid of negative thoughts, comments, or friendships.

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures

Taking many pictures with your family, relatives, friends, and memories will last a lifetime. Problems can’t be captured because they hurt our hearts, and hearts don’t like to suffer.

take a picture

No matter where you go, create memories. Whether it’s family members, friends, or loved ones, take a picture with them.

Why should you take so many pictures?

The pictures you took with your loved one, relatives, or family members can be viewed whenever you have free time.

Seeing those photos brings back beautiful, lovely memories of fun times spent with friends or family.

Enjoy those lovely pictures to refresh your mind.

When that time comes, you’ll suddenly realize how fortunate you are.

Create beautiful moments with loved ones by taking a lot of pictures.

Don’t forget to take pictures of the best moments in life so you can remember them forever.

Move your body daily

Wake up early and do exercise for 10 minutes (Minimum) at least.

The majority of people won’t like to exercise in the early morning due to laziness. Maintaining good health requires regular movement. Healthy living involves moving your body every day.

Get up Early

Since you’d like to sleep in longer, I understand you find it difficult to get up early in the morning.

There’s plenty of time for sleep once you’re dead. Get up early and chase your dreams. 

Perhaps you saw one picture on social media something like every morning you have two choices The first one is if you want to chase your dream get up and work on your dream the second count your sheep in your dream.

Don’t spend too much time online

Spending too much time online is waste of time or kills your creativity. Why are you spending too much time on social media for your friends or watching useless videos on youtube?

online social media

Chatting with your friends, Girlfriends, and boyfriends, etc. remember spending too much time online is a sign of depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

It is better to invest your time in your studies rather than spend too much time online, or read self-improvement books to enhance your life.

Spend your time on study and the time you spend on the study will give you a big elegant reward in the future.

Write in a journal

Journaling: Why should you do it? Journaling increases self-awareness monitors your emotions and helps you deal with stress.

Put your messy thoughts down on paper and burn it.

journal life lesson taught me

You can reduce stress, anxiety, sadness, and pain, etc, by writing down your negative feelings on a piece of paper.

Write down your negative thoughts in your journal and get them out of your head.

 Keeping a journal every day can focus on what you are feeling and what is happening now.

By writing down your thoughts, you will be able to be present.

Being a good human is important

A bad human can be found almost anywhere, but a good human and a good heart are very rare.

A good human is hard to find. But if you become a good human you will find a good person in your life.

Thanks for reading 7 innocent life lessons taught me. I hope you enjoyed it, and please don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Instagram, and with your friends.

Let me know what your life has taught you so far.

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