The Best Self Improvement Books to Read in 2021


Best Self Improvement Books

Books reading is the best way to develop Your mind.

if your someone who cares about your mindset you care about being the best possible version of yourself reading is a very powerful habit and a method to do that because someone has taken the most powerful ideas that they’ve.

researched studied used in their own lives and spent often years and years putting it into an organized form to help you understand those lessons too but often there’s not a lot of quality and it’s hard to find the right books for you so where do you start it’s kind of overwhelming and as somebody who never used the read at all.

these are the books that I found most powerful and have helped me most along my journey.

there are so many books out there you know anybody can publish a self-improvement book and too many people do and so you end up with this thing.

where the bar for entry is really low but the bar for quality is extremely high and you end up with two things happening one you either read a book that is misinformed misleading part of some scam e-marketing thing trying to sell you something.

sometimes full of harmful information which is a real problem in this industry or you end up with the same books being regurgitated again and again and again and sometimes I think you know that’s great but they contribute to this kind of groupthink.

So, these four books I’m gonna suggest to you they are books that are either not very well known but they should be so these are real gems that haven’t been discovered yet or they’re really new or they’re books that people wouldn’t really think of as self-improvement books but they really should.

1.Books Atomic habits by James clear

the first is one that’s incredibly new it is a little bit more chunky but from one of my favorite writers on habits and it’s James clears atomic habits it was released in late 2018.

So, the stuff in there is very really new but he’s been talking about for a long time maybe ten years plus, and what I love about James clears work is it’s always very thoroughly researched.

it’s always very practical it’s to the point there is no fluff and his book is exactly the same he focuses a lot on not relying too much on motivation or willpower or inspiration or even discipline because those things are gonna come and go but instead looking at your system your process because it’s the process and the habits that are ultimately gonna get you there.

2. an astronaut’s guide to life on earth

the second book is one that comes from a guy who spent four thousand hours in space and in order to get to that point he overcame countless trials countless exams tests challenges hours and hours of doubt hours and hours of practice hours and hours and hours of failure and it’s an astronaut’s guide to life on earth by Chris Hadfield.

This guy is unquestionably a hero unquestionably one of my heroes because he’s somebody who despite all of these accolades is the like so humble one of the big lessons I got from the book was be a zero do your best to be neutral.

where you’re not even a plus one way out you’re leading and you’re kind of drawing the attention to you but also not a minus one so just try to be neutral and this is a really powerful lesson and so often when you read self-help or self-improvement sometimes there is a lot of egos that come with it but this is from somebody who has the credibility who has proven himself over and over again and is really the essence of what it means to be dedicated to self-improvement.

3. Books anything you want

Book number three and I’m a big fan of saying more with fewer words and not over-complicating everything and this book is by a guy who started selling CDs online.

I’m looking at the blurb and he sold his first company for 22 million dollars it’s anything you want by Derek Siver’s and the reason I love this book just dropped.

it because looks how thin is, first of all, you can read this in under an hour but this is you know a decade 10 years worth of insight wisdom lessons condensed into very short very actionable practical steps.

4. Books The good immigrant

I know that you probably never heard of this book and it’s the good immigrant by it’s a collection of essays by Nikesh Shukla now why should you read this book and how is it gonna help you to improve yourself.

well, it’s a collection of essays that explores what is it like to be a good immigrant what is it like to be somebody who is another Debye society who is outcast in a very subtle way or in a very explicit way and the reason that I would class this as self-improvement is because it’s going to help you to understand what is it like, what is it like for somebody who comes from two different ethnic minority backgrounds and is living in 21st century Britain.

what is it like for somebody who is strip-searched at the airport despite being a very well-known actor and these voices through reading these essays?

it’s gonna help you to understand one powerful thing and that’s gratitude it’s humility understanding that you have power you have privilege and there are people worse off than you there are people whose everyday experiences are much more challenging than your own and it’s important for you to learn about these things.

So, you can be aware and be mindful and ultimately create a more equal society because yes you want to develop yourself and yes you want to become a better version of you but I also believe you want to make a difference to the world around you, you want to become a social reformer.

so that’s the fourth book that I think you should read in 2020 and it’s one that I’m going to be coming back to again and again and again.

that ultimately gonna focus your attention on the becoming on the journey itself rather than the end goal the vague destination that is way far off in the on the horizon.

So, those are the four books that I would recommend you.

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