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Everything You Need To Know About Creative Thinkers.


The characteristics of the most creative thinkers the extra you do of what you’re doing the extra you’ll get of what you’ve got.

Creative thinking demands that you continually dig deep into yourself and create newer more reliable faster cheaper and various ideas that you can use to improve the important parts of your life.

qualities of creative thinkers

qualities of creative thinkers when you practice one or more of these characteristics you begin to prove to yourself that you are absolutely a genius and you concurrently expose the negative hypothesis.

Creative thinkers are deeply questioning

Creative thinkers are deeply curious they are always asking questions they ask questions like why really much like children do all the time then they ask why not can’t us do it yet if it hasn’t been prepared before can it be made.

Practice zero-based thinking

Creative thinkers are that they follow zero-based thinking all the time.

they constantly ask themselves if I were not now doing what I’m doing knowing what I now know would I start.

and if the answer is no they cut their losses discontinue what they are doing and start doing something else it is completely amazing.

Have a willingness to change

Creative thinkers are that they have a willingness to change they recognize that in a world such as ours the unwillingness or inability to change is fatal.

they prefer to be in charge of their lives rather than being caught up in the flash flood of change that is inevitable and unavoidable.

the absolutely flexible person the person who is willing to change is only I change my mind according to researcher sufficiently seventy percent of the choices you make turn out to be wrong in the long run.

this indicates that you must be prepared to improve your brain and try something else most of the time thinking flexibility is the most superior quality that you will need for progress in this century.

willingness to admit that they are wrong

Creative thinkers is their willingness to admit that they are wrongfully 80% of people burn up most of their mental and emotional energy defending against admitting that they made a wrong decision don’t let this happen to you.

truly intelligent highly creative people are open-minded fluid flexible and willing to both change their minds and admit that they are wrong when their earlier decisions turn out to be incorrect.

Creative thinkers Open-minded, fluid, flexible

Creative people can say i don’t know they recognize that it is impossible for anyone to know anything about everything that it is very likely that almost everyone is wrong to some extent no matter what they’re doing.

so if someone questions them a critical issue that they don’t know the resolution to they admit it first and usually they only say I don’t know and if needed they go about finding the answer.

here’s an important point no matter what problems you have there’s someone somewhere who had the same problem and who has already solved that problem and is using that solution.

today one of the smartest and most creative things you can do is define someone else somewhere who is already implementing.

the solutions successfully and then copy him or her the smartest person is not necessarily the person who comes up with the idea it may just be a lucky flash of insight the smartest person is the one who copies and improves the idea first and it is often the person to recognize the value of the new eye that offers a fortune from the idea while the originator makes little or nothing.

Creative thinkers are Strongly goal focused

Creative people are that they are strongly goal-focused they know specifically what they want they have it written down very clearly.

creative thinkers goal

they imagine it on a regular basis they think what their goal would look like if it were a reality.

today and the more they visualize and imagine their goal as a reality the more creative they become and the faster they move towards achieving it.

Less ego reflection in being right

creative thinkers are that they have less ego reflection in being honest they are more concerned with what’s right rather than who’s right they are willing to receive ideas from any cause to reach a goal defeat an obstacle or answer a problem.

the most important part of creative thinking is your ability to generate ideas and the greater the number of ideas you generate the greater the quality your ideas will be the higher ideas you have the extra likely you are to have the right idea at the best time.

but generating ideas is only 1% of the equation as Thomas Edison once wrote genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration your ability to come up with an idea to test it and validate it and then to implement it through creative thinking and execute it in your life to achieve results is the true mark of a genius.

Every single moment you start a new idea write it down make a strategy for its implementation and then take action you are acting like a genius and the more you maintain your creativity.

this way the smarter you will become and the smarter you become the more you will achieve in every area of your life your future will become unlimited.

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