time management

The best 6 ways of Effective Time management?


Time management is what you want to do work on a project and you set the time that you have to do work on your project within a time.

time management

Time management helps us to be more productive in our work.

Everyone knew that we get 24 hours in a day, nobody gets more than 24 hours and nobody gets less than 24 hours.

the only difference is how you manage your time.

Why unsuccessful people always facing problems in manage time.

and other sides such as successful people always manage their time as they want.

successful people always manage their time effectively.

How they manage their time effectively for the reason that they plan their days in advance.

they prioritize their activity and successful people when they wake up in the morning they doing their hard activity, hard task, and hard work first.

Successful people work until their task activity complete finish.

Benefits of Effective Time Management

effective time management

Save time

The most vital advantage is effective time management helps us to save time and you know that nowadays people say Time is Money.

When you lose your money, you can earn money again.

on the other hand, when you lose your time, your that time will never come again.

Respect the time, there are 24 hours a day. so use your time wisely and do your important work first and then do something else after finish your work.

Prioritize your task

Prioritize helps us to plan our work, task, and activity it helps us to better know what to do first and what to do last.

Schedule your time to each task that will be a good benefits.

Priority means if something that matters you the most it was priority.

Free time to do another activity.

as you complete your task or work after that you will have more time for yourself by cause of had already set time in advance.

Now that you have free time do exercise, go to the gym play football and do meditation, and so on.

Invest your free time in your body to work effectively. exercise is necessary for health. do exercise in your free time.


If you set your priority one by one for each task and also set time for each task that means you’re productive.

Productive means focus on important priorities rather than numerous priorities.

Don’t say yes to somebody when you doing your important task or work and your friends asking you to go somewhere.

Think five times before you say Yes to your friends.

Learn how to say no without being rude.


The best way to managing our time is by being able to create journals also knows as a productivity journal.

A productivity journal is a time log of your day-to-day activities that you doing today from wake up in the morning to bed at night.

The benefit of making a journal is you aware of yourself running in your mind write in the journal whatever is running in your mind.

write it down in your journal and analyze what to do and what not to do.

And prioritize your first four important tasks write it down in the journal what’s your four important tasks today and what you want to finish.

To do list

Write it down in your journal everything you need to do and after that find your four important tasks (priority).

do priority tasks first after that you finish your priority and tick the right button means you completed your four important tasks.

What are the 4 D’s of the time management method?

time management 4d

The 4 d’s are divided into four categories first Do, second delay, third delegate and fourth are Delete.


First is Do you have to make a list of the things that you have to work throughout the day and write it down every task that you need to done, write one by one task what you must to do by the end of the day.


Pause your activities that don’t need to work right now. Maybe you don’t have time yet, make time to that work when you are free, reschedule your time to do work.

the delay means doing the task happen at a later time than originally planned.


delegate means to give your work, job, task, etc to someone else.

so that she and he do it for you because you give responsibility to someone instead of doing it yourself.


Drop (Delete) the unimportant task or work which is not your work or will not important.

when you delete the unimportant task you will save time for yourself to do another important work.

delete the tak, activity and work not important to you and you can eliminate it .

How can you improve your Time Management?

time management

Lots of people searching on google, on youtube how can I improve my time management.

so here are some points to improve your time management.

  • Prioritize first
  • turn off your phone, after turning off your mobile phone keep it in another room.
  • keep away from distraction, focus on your important task instead of unimportant.
  • set a deadline for each task. If you set deadlines for each task that will help you to improve your time means work done before the time.
  • and lastly don’t procrastinate because time management needs directions like making good planning for the whole day.

Best Time Management book to read.

Here are the 5 best time management books

1. Getting things done by David Allen

2. Deep work by Cal Newport

Number two book is Deep work rules for focused success in a distracted world.

In the book Cal Newport uses principles to enhance his points he elaborates on how to improve a person’s cognitive abilities and how employers should encourage workers to not take shortcuts for completing projects.

3. The One thing by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan

this book teaches us how to focus on one thing.

when you know what’s your one thing nobody can defeat you to reach your one thing.

My request to you read this book to know your one thing. And I’m sure that this book changes the way you live.

4. Time management by Brian Tracy.

In this book, Brian Tracy reveals the 21 proven time management techniques you can use immediately to gain more productive hours every day.

5. 80/20 principle by Richard Koch

The 80/20 principle is a best-selling book by Richard Koch and read by millions of great people around the world and in this book, you learn about the 80/20 Pareto principle.

Read also: 80/20 rule: Pareto principle with example?

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