Fixed mindset vs growth mindset

The Truth behind Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset: You need to know.


Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset everyone talking about he has a Growth mindset or she has a fixed mindset.

Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset

What is fixed mindset?

Fixed mindset people always think that intelligence and talents only get few people. Fixed mindset people think that they don’t develop intelligence.

Fixed mindset vs growth mindset

What is Growth mindset?

Growth mindset people always improving themselves self. Growth mindset people always learn from their mistakes. So, Growth mindset people always learning new things.

Growth mindset people can be changed by hardworking and effort.

Difference between Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset

Only difference is fixed mindset people avoid challenge and hard situation.

Fixed mindset give up easily because they are not develop their mind to complete any task.

Fixed mindset people attract negative thoughts and their negative thoughts ruin their minds that’s why they give up easily or avoid challenges in life.

they always run away from hardwork and challenges situations.

Fixed mindset people never desire to learn new things.

Growth mindset people always doing their best in any situation.

Growth mindset people never blame to other people.

The Growth mindset people find lessons in the success of other people’s.

Growth mindset people always take risks in life to learn new things constantly because of the growth mindset all about learning.

How to Grow Your mindset?

Don’t give up your task soon because fixed mindset people give up task and Growth mindset never give up.

Surround yourself with people encourage you to do and always supporting you and inspire you, and always said to you Good you’re on the right track keep going.

Fixed mindset vs growth mindset

Don’t surround yourself with people who have negative thoughts, who always speak or talk negatively, and immediately change your environment when someone speaking negatively to you.

Examples of Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset?

Example of Fixed mindset.

  • I give up.
  • Building a good business is too hard I can’t build a good business.
  • I made a mistake.
  • She’s so Intelligent, I’ll never be that intelligence.

Example of Growth mindset.

  • Why I give up, I need to use some of the best strategies that I have learned from my coach or mentor.
  • Building a huge company takes time, effort, and hard work.
  • mistakes help me to learn better.
  • I’m going to figure out how she does it.



Fixed mindset people think negative, they always said that Effort is for Someone who is Not Good at it.

And Growth mindset People said that Effort is make you Good in that Field.


Fixed mindset people said I can’t do that, because Fixed mindset people are afraid of facing people if they fail.

Fixed mindset people think that How can I show my faced when i Fail.

Growth mindset people are always think that bad challenges are opportunities to show their ability to do better.


A fixed mindset avoids mistakes I already told you in starting They try to avoid mistakes always, they discourage mistakes.

Growth mindset people knew that mistakes helps them to learn new things.

Growth mindset people affirm to them self, mistakes will help me to improve.


Fixed mindset people avoid feedback when their friends, Mom, dad, brother, sister, or neighbors giving feedback. fixed mindset people think that they are so mean. and they don’t know what they are talking about.

Growth mindset people are very clever they use feedback for improvement, they listen carefully I someone giving feedback.

The Growth mindset people affirm when someone gives feedback they affirm to themselves I’ll improve if I listen to someone carefully.

Growth mindset people always ready to solve any problem.

Fixed mindset people skills are fixed.

Growth mindset people can be develop.

fixed mindset belief that intelligence or talent is inborn.

Fixed mindset people has a big false in their minds they said you can’t learn anything easily in life.

Growth mindset people belief that you can learn any skills by practice consistently.

2 ways to think about mindsets.

  1. Think about people you know maybe your brother, sister, and friends who already steeped in the fixed mindset and think deeply in your mind How he/she always trying to prove themselves.
  2. Thought about people you know who have great skills in the growth mindset someone who understands important qualities can be cultivated. consider the ways they confront obstacles.

people in a fixed mindset often run away from their problems.

Growth mindset teacher.


The Growth mindset teacher always caring more about their students and always ready to teach their students.

So, Growth mindset teachers don’t care about the time he/she has. Growth mindset teaches ever said to their students if you have any problems ask me anytime.

One thing I love about Growth mindset teacher is he/she ever devoting untold hours to the worst students? are he/her teacher are a very good or kind person?

The answer is the Growth mindset teacher always loves to learn and some teachers said that teaching is an amazing way to learn.

Growth mindset success is about stretching themselves.

people with the growth mindset people hope for a different kind of partner.

they said their friend was someone who would encourage them in life to do something.

For ex 1. see their faults and help them to improve.

ex 2. he challenge their friends to become a better person.

ex 3. his friends encourage them to let’s learn new things together daily and doing some other activities to grow.

Grow mindset people want who always helping to develop their skills.

Growth mindset people always don’t Just seek challenge they grow, develop or be successful on it.

they said that the bigger the challenge the more they stretch and grow in life.

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