How to acquire the Leadership Character of courageous.


how to acquire the leadership character of courage become the kind of person that somebody would follow willingly.

even if you had no power or status.

the leadership character of courage, amazingly enough, can be developed.

courage is not something you’re born with but it is something you can learn.


here are some keys to courage.

courageous people are strong

courageous people are Strong courage is something that is a habit.

you can acquire the habit of courage by following it whenever you have a tendency to hesitate or back off from a challenge.

push yourself to go ahead practice self-reliance and practice courage.

somehow when you start yourself constantly things seem to work out for your organizations and people and circumstances combine together to help you accomplish things in ways that you cannot.

brave people take action

courageous people take action and enthusiasm to start and take action.

courage action

they don’t expect someone else to do something leaders are attack-oriented.

courageous people stay the One course

courageous people stay the course one mark of a courageous leader is the strength to stay the course this is often called courageous patience.

no matter how hard it gets no matter how much pressure or stress.

you face stay the course and hang in there seldom if you stay the course long enough and hard enough the Sun will break through the clouds and things will happen for you.

courageous people take risks

courageous people take risks remember that the future belongs to the risk-takers there’s no greatness in life amongst those who avoid taking risks.

that doesn’t mean that you have to risk life and everything you own it just means you take calculated risks in the direction of moving forward.

do everything reasonable to reduce risks consider the worst possible outcome but then dare to go ahead perhaps no other quality identifies leaders from non-leaders.

then their enthusiasm and daring to push progressive you can accomplish greatness and improve the lead character of courage take that risk to stay the course and be strong.

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