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I want to talk to you about how to keep your brain healthy throughout your entire life.

Your brain will make you rich or poor depending on the uses you put to it. I want you to take a moment to answer the following question what are you doing today to keep your brain healthy and active if you’re like most people you aren’t more than willing to spend

Hours every week concentrating on growing a strong and flexible concrete body but fail to dedicate any time to actively.

Seeking algal ways to improve your mental fitness cultivating a keen and active brain is key to unlocking a more satisfying and meaningful life in every area maintaining a healthy brain is necessary for growing your productivity encouraging your personal and professional connections and finally realizing your most loyal self-building your brain and putting your brain healthy is critical but it doesn’t have to be complicated.


Here are six actionable suggestions that can help you get started today making your brain as sharp as a razor.

Learn as abundant emphatic material as you can.

Your brain craves new ideas and stimulation and reading are one of the best ways to explore them while there are endless topics you can explore by reading it’s necessary to keep the majority of the material as positive and inspirational as possible you must really enjoy what you’re reading continuously exposing yourself to reading material.

This is pessimistic or causes you to become agitated like lots of stuff in the newspapers today will have an overall negative effect on your mental state this means instead of possessing over saddening news features pick up an uplifting biography or a nonfiction book in your field of curiosity.

Brain Exercise

Research next research has shown that there is a close similarity between physical exercise and mental well-being activity can help to decrease stress and relieve of depression along with increasing positivity supporting self-esteem and even raising cognitive thought the good news that even moderate aerobic workouts like walking or jogging or swimming can have a great effect on the way you think mentally.

All it takes is 30 minutes of exercises a couple of times a week to start to see results if you can’t squeeze a full 30 minutes of exercise into your schedule don’t worry about it even doing aerobic exercises for a little as 10 minutes at a time is really beneficial.


By using affirmations on a daily basis you can counteract some of the overwhelming negativity in the world around you and create a more optimistic outlook for yourself your subconscious brain does everything you speak and do fit a design uniform with your self-concept your original program.

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the simple act of making positive

Research has shown that through the simple act of making positive statements about yourself to yourself you can reprogram your brain to overcome unhealthy habits and increase your productivity and control harmful emotions you can find many affirmations online but the most powerful ones are those you create by yourself think of an area of your life that you would like to change and then choose an achievable outcome that you want to reach frame your desired outcome in a short present tense statement and repeat it to yourself throughout the day.


Let me give you a couple of examples the most powerful affirmation of all is the affirmation I like myself because the more you like yourself the more you like everyone around you the more you like your work the more you like your activities.

The more open-minded and optimistic you are trying it another one that you can say is I am the best I’m the best I’m the best.

 I’m the best I’m really good perhaps the best of all is I can do it I can do anything I put my brain to I’m not afraid of anything I can do anything I put my brain to and finally retire Rudy love is the words I love my work I like myself and I love my work get yourself pumped almost like mental exercise get the blood moving I like myself I love my work like the self I love my work and you’ll be astonished and how much better you feel and how much better you do your work.

Just give it a try my rule throughout my career has been that you only need to try one of my recommendations once to find out if it works or not you don’t have to practice for six months just do it once and you’ll experience.

The change and then you’ll start to do it over and over again because once you experience the change you will be motivated to do it again my first instructor in personal development said with affirmations your future is unlimited.

I never forgot those words I wrote them down and I rewrote them and I read them and reread them with affirmations talking to yourself in a positive way your future is unlimited.

Develop good habits

Are your habits holding you back and causing you to feel bad about yourself or are your habits pushing you forward causing you to feel great about yourself almost everyone has at least one bad habit that he or she wishes that he or she could quit whether its procrastination or self-doubt or the propensity to blame others.

when things go wrong or badly harmful practices are a significant drain on your mental health despite the negative impact of these self-destructive habits overcoming them can often be a genuine conflict one way several successful people use or get important is replacing a bad habit with a good habit so instead of just committing to stop worrying refusal in social situations work on developing and exceedingly gregarious and outgoing personality by setting goals and working every day toward them an important point about setting goals is this is when you set a goal and you start working toward it not only do you feel like a winner when you achieve the goal which you will do if you don’t give up but you feel like a winner every step of the way you feel happy and positive.

Eat healthy foods

Maintaining a healthy brain necessitates having a healthy diet and lifestyle throw out the junk food in the cupboard and stick to eating real foods many people experience positive mental health while they drop wet fats and sugar from their diet.

Set goals with deadlines

Set goals with deadlines and work towards them this is my favorite of all standing still not making any progress is almost worse than failing when you do start off at least if you tried to meet the challenge and failed you reasonably learn something important about yourself.

whenever you make a mistake of any kind simply ask yourself what can I learn from this experience what can I learn that will help myself to be better in the future keep your brain focused on the positive part of what you just did and the negative part will just kind of disappear the fear of failure is the biggest single enemy of personal success for you or me or anyone else it’s often petrifying enough to cause you to avoid completing projects or even having the confidence to start one in the first place a positive way of overcoming this mental self-paralysis is to create SMART goals.


A SMART goal is a goal that is specific measurable achievable relevant and time-bound ‘add if you have a long-term project and use what is called the checklist and manifesto.

you take the long term project and you break it down into a list a smaller easier to finish tasks you organize the list by what you do first what you do second what you do third and then you begin on number one once you break out all of the tasks you need to do to complete a project identify the most important tasks and start on those make sure that you set deadlines for each task as well as for the completion of the entire project or goal your mental health is critical to leading the life that you deserve.

start making the changes that you need to improve it today now I’d love to hear from you so my question today is what do you do to keep your brain healthy leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to follow up with you thanks for watching and remember if you want to change your future take action and take action now.

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