guidance from subconscious mind



The subconscious mind, When you have to make what you think will be a hard judgment, or when you fail to see the solution to your query, create at once to think constructively regarding it. If you are nervous and worried, you are not really thinking.

Right thinking is released from fear.

Here are the moves of a simple technique you can use to RECEIVE Direction FROM YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

  • Silence the mind and calm the body. Put the body to rest; it has to obey you. It has no volition, initiative, or self-conscious intelligence. Your body is an emotional disk that records your beliefs and opinions.
  • Prepare your awareness; sharpen your thought on the explanation to your problem.
  • Try to solve it with your conscious mind.
  • Think about how happy you would be about the perfect solution. Sense the feeling you would have if the perfect answer were yours now.
  • Let your mind play with this mood of happiness and peace in a relaxed way; then drop off to sleep.

When you awake, if you do not have the answer, get busy with something else.  While you are preoccupied with something else, it is possible that the answer will rise into your mind.

Talk with your Subconscious mind.

communicate subconscious mind with conscious mind

Always talk to your subconscious mind in the present tense. 

The subconscious mind doesn’t know the time because it doesn’t exist.

When you use the positive affirmation, be sure to phrase them in the now.

For example, you wouldn’t want to repeat an affirmation that says, I will be rich in the future.

Alternatively, you would say I am growing richer every day.

Don’t concentrate on the problem you want to release.

Concentrate on what you want to receive. The subconscious mind does not know negation. The more specific you can be about what you want to build, the better able the subconscious mind can support the conscious and superconscious minds to help you accomplish your goals.

Subconscious brain

Once you learn to contact and release the hidden power of your subconscious brain, you can bring into your life more power, more wealth, more health, more happiness, and more joy.

Absolute intelligence in Your subconscious brain

Within your subconscious brain have unlimited wisdom, absolute power, an absolute supply of all that is essential.

The perpetual knowledge within your subconscious mind can expose to you everything you need to know at every moment of the present and point of the term.

The absolute intelligence in your subconscious mind can give you entrance to wonderful new kinds of learning.

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