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How to Increase productivity and what are the steps to Improve productivity.

Productivity is all about how do you increase your result or how do you put in that extra effort in order to reach your goal.

The one thing is to increase your productivity at work. The most important thing which you need to do is to set up a goal because if you do not know what you are exactly working for.

Why is it to be more productive at work?

If you are not productive at work, you are always doing things repeatedly and you lose your time which you couldn’t get back.

What are the steps to Increase productivity?

here are 10 steps to improve and increase your productivity at work.

increase productivity

Step 1 Time blocking

Step 2 Time block in advance

Step 3 Protect your time

Step 4 Learn to say no

Step 5 make a list

Step 6 Priority is best way to increase productivity

Step 7 cut all distractions

Step 8 Time block for each task

Step 9 Quit multitasking

Step 10 Spend your time with productive people

Why productivity important at work?

Productivity is important because whatever work we do it is important to block a 2, 3 hour for one important task.

In simple words, Productivity means a time block in advance for your one important task.

Importance of productivity at work?

Helping you to accomplish your goal faster because you’ll be able to do more work in less time, be more planned and take on more work.

Reduce stress levels and being productive at work can help you keep in control of your goals and be satisfied with your onward movement towards work.

Allowing you to do what you want to work better and faster.

Increase Productivity like Productive people

The most important thing I learned from the book the one thing by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan is that the most successful people in the world are the most productive people.

because productive people do the things non-productive people don’t do furthermore productive people always do their best to achieve better results in work.

best of all is that productive people earn more money at work.

Productivity people always follow their priority for the reason that they invest their maximum time to being productive on their top priority.

In other words, they devote maximum time on their Important task.

They block their time for Important task and they protect their time like a child.

Productive people know the value of time, the more you manage your time perfectly the more your work done.

Read more about time management.

Time blocking is a good way to increase productivity

Most people think that there’s never enough time to do their work to achieve goal.

It’s the biggest lie I was heard in my life, you have time but the problem is that you devote your time on social media or talking with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

In other words, you are wasting your time on social media like scrolling or talking with your love for an hour.

What I’m trying to say that if you want to achieve your goals you must block the time for your goals in advance.

Time blocking is a result-based way of perspective and using time.

It is a productivity improvement technique of making sure that what has to be done gets done.

Now take your calendar and block off the time you need to achieve your goals.

Keep in mind make the habit of time blocking for your goal to accomplish.

Time block in advance is a strategy to increase productivity.

Always block your tomorrow time today it will help you to focus on your priority and guide you towards your one task.

Set your one task after another and another.

Block off time for each task for and don’t jump into the second task until one is finished or completed.

By planning your time off in advance means managing your work time.

Extraordinary productive people plan their days by taking time out to plan their tomorrow day.

increase productivity time

Why? They now the value of time, they know what to do and they will be able to afford it.

Time block for each task.

After you have blocked your time in advance or plan your day in advance and next is to time block for your one task at a time.

Yes, you read that right as a result of when you block your time for each task it will help you to focus or concentrate on one task at a time.

Otherwise you don’t design your time for each task at time.

It means you are wasting your time.

Bear in mind the most productive people all over the world plan their days for their important task.

Their first priority is to complete their task they make an appointment each day with themselves.

My advice is to block time for tomorrow. Give yourself 40 minutes each night before going to bed then plan your tomorrow day in advance or prioritize your task with time.

My recommendation is to block 3 hours a day that’s the minimum if you think I have more time then you can do more.

Remember if you don’t have time for planning in advance each day to do your one important task, your one important task won’t become a done thing.

Protect your time.

Protect your time like a new born baby.

If you don’t care about your newborn baby your baby will cry Likewise if you don’t care about your precious time you’ll cry in the future.

Maybe you’re complaining in the future to your friend I wish I had time to do something when I was young.

Then you’ll regret in life why I didn’t do my work early.

Protecting time is a crucial and a great way to increase productivity.

Make the habit of time protecting from your toxic friends.

Do the important works quickly and care your time as a new born baby.

Remember the more you care about your time, the more you realize you are doing the right work at the right time at the right age.

Let me clearer, your job is to protect your time from your friends, family members who don’t know what matters in your life, and from yourself.

The good way to protect your time is to adopt the mindset that can’t be moved anywhere and always stick to the commitment.

Keep in mind until your work is done everything around you is distraction.

4 productivity killers that stop you to increase productivity

Here are four productivity killers that will stop you to be more productive at work.

Noise and distraction is a killer of increasing productivity.

Literally there’s a lot of noise and distraction around.

And you want to be a productive at work you need a silence place where no will disturb you even no noise.

Small distractions and noise stop you to do the important task and you can’t focus properly on your work.

for the reason that your surrounding people listening to the song on a loudspeaker and that music distracts you to focus on work.

On the other side your mother saying you, why you can’t fed the water on the bottle?

Whatever your mother told you during your work it means she distracts you and suddenly you feel angry then you stop doing your important work.

as a result, It means you lose your concentrate from your work because your mother distracts you.

Bear in mind you will work better when your mind in peace and calm where no one will disturb you.


mobile phone notifications.

Mobile phone notifications design to distracts you from your work for example Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp notification.

When you get a notification you immediately check your phone and you shift your mind from work to your mobile phone for checking what notification you get.

Then you pick a mobile phone to check what happens on social media and you know what happens you wasted your precious time on social media and you lose your focus on your work.

My recommendation for you is when you work make sure your all-mobile applications notification is off.

When your notification is off you don’t get any notification more and silent your mobile phones while you are working.

Keep in mind an addiction to mobile phones and spending the entire time on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp is the end of your creative production.

Use your phone when you needed,.

use your social media when you have free time but don’t use social media after you wake in the morning.

friends who don’t have dreams.

Don’t spend your time with who don’t have dreams.

Spending your time with who don’t know what to do or where he wants to go.

Give your time with productive people, who have the same goal just like you.

now you and your friends have the same goal.

please make sure that both of you invest 3 hours each day to do the work that helping both of you to accomplish the same goal.

But don’t waste your time with unproductive friends.

Give your time who know the value of time everyone doesn’t deserve your precious time.

learn to say no is a way to increase productivity.

Your friend will be asking you to go to the cinema hall for watching movies.

although you won’t have to go to the cinema because you have to work on your goal.

No matter what happens, you must say no to them.

if you can’t say no and then it means you are wasting your time.

Remember you have time and your time is very important for you and don’t give time to those who don’t have dreams and goals in life.

Please convince your friend I can’t come now but I’ll be coming another time.

and say to them, unfortunately, It’s not a good time and thanks to them for thinking of you.

2 tips to increase productivity

make a list of work

Make a list of work you have to do today furthermore keep writing one by one what you have to do today then pick your 3 important work.


Choose from your list of work that matters and put it first in your priority list. And do the work until your first priority complete.

What is a priority?

If something mattered the most it was priority.

If you live by priority and you’ll know what to do.

Before doing anything think that your first priority is to do the work that will help you to towards your goal.

Remember important work first the rest of the work later.

5 ways to improve productivity

Here are five productivity techniques that will make you productive at work.

1 batching

The first is batching its means combining a group of work-related work together and setting separate time to finish all work.

Why does this work?

Because we can just focus on doing one thing again and again.

2  don’t multitask

Multitasking is a waste of time, multitask doesn’t save time.

To do two things at once is to do neither by Publius syrus.

If you think multitasking is an good way to do more thing and get more done you’re wrong.

Why? When you try to do two, three things at once you either can’t or won’t do either well.

In other words, the more time you spend switched to another task, the less likely you are to get back to your original task.

Remember multitaskers make more mistakes than non multitaskers.

Do only one task at a time.

3 Pomodoro technique

It means 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes break for effective.

Choose the task that you want to be done.

Set a timer for 25 minutes

Take a 5 minutes break.

And back to task again.

Repeat the cycle 4 times and take a 5 minutes of break 4 times.

4 Create a distraction free zone

you need to create an environment. where no will disturb you and you do your work better and in calm way.

for example, if you are working on a laptop then there should be a laptop on the table not the other things on the table.

if the other things on the table those things attract your mind to use and you’ll use those things that mean you shift your focus from work to another thing.

therefore, there should be a laptop on the table and remove all the items that no need anymore remove useless things from the laptop.

if you see mess on the table same mess inside your head.

5 zeigarnik effect

It means when we start something our brain remembers it until we can finish it.

use this for productivity if you don’t feel to start something force yourself to start.

Learn more about how to increase productivity at home

The 1-3-5 Rule to-do list.

  • 1 one important thing.
  • 3 medium and less crucial things.
  • 5 small and much less important things.

If you have a technique that you use to be productive at work, share it below. Would you be so kind as to explain a few of your recommendations for students so they can learn without distractions and become more productive?

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