No Excuses Brian Tracy summary

No Excuses Brian Tracy summary: Self-discipline is the key to success.


The power of self-discipline, No Excuses Brain Tracy book summary. 21 ways to achieve lasting happiness and success, the book is fascinating to read, the author shares lots of great remarkable insights inside the book.

Stop making excuses and read the No Excuses book by Brian Tracy.

I should recommend reading for everyone who wants to make self-discipline in life.

No Excuses book review I would like to give the book 9 out of 10. What an amazing book, the best of all in this book is easy to read and understand the author’s perspective.

Let’s look into the summary of No Excuses by Brian Tracy

No Excuses Brian Tracy summary

Why should you Read No Excuses Brain Tracy Book?

In my opinion, you should read this book because Brain Tracy is written for people who are hungry for success, to have powerful self-discipline.

The book gives you great insights valuable knowledge that you never learn in school time. This book teaches step by step how to develop self-discipline. 

No Excuses Brian Tracy’s book guide you to become a remarkable person in your work, home, and any field.

Self-discipline is key to unlock your life success because self-discipline is the ability to control yourself.

If you have no self-discipline, you are doing great work in life. Self-discipline is personal greatness to upgrade your life work.

The power of self-discipline No excuses by Brian Tracy divided into 3 parts


In part one there are seven chapters, here is some information that you will learn success, character, taking responsibility, goals settings, personal excellence, courage, and persistence.


In part two there are seven chapters, you will learn why and how self-discipline is crucial to becoming a good quality of leadership, making more sales for your company, and managing your time effectively.


In part three there are seven chapters, here is some information that you will learn A guide to practicing self-discipline in the following areas of health, children, and happiness.

Keep in mind, there are so many things you can learn from this book that cannot be completely explained through a summary, so buying this book is the only way to gain greater insight.

How do you define success?

You should define success for yourself and do whatever it takes to reach it.

According to the dictionary of Cambridge success means the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for and the achieving of desired results, or someone or something that achieves positive results.

No Excuses Join the top 20 percent

80/20 Pareto Principle, Brian Tracy said that join the top 20 percent of people who are top leaders in their field and learn from them.

20% of people earn 80% percent of the money.

Brian Tracy’s advice for us is to our first goal in our career is to get into the top 20% in any field.

According to the Pareto principle, 20 percent of your efforts result in 80 percent of your results.

The iron law of the universe helps you to get into the top 20%.

It was the law of Cause and Effect, or sowing and reaping.

This law says that whatever you put in, you get out.

If you want to be a successful person in any area of life do the same things that successful are doing.

You succeed when you start copying the habits of successful person do around the world and do these until your behaviors become a habit.

visit this page to learn more DAILY HABITS OF HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE.

To become successful first, you should have to learn skills.

Keep learning and getting a piece of knowledge in your field daily and whatever you learn new skills or you get a knowledge share with your friends or your subordinate team members.

because the more you share your knowledge the more you grow your personality or mind.

keep in mind It is a good idea to share your knowledge with others to be revised yourself.

Learn from experts. Read their books, listen to their podcasts.

Question for you: what one skill could you develop these years that would help you to achieve your goals?

Accept Responsibility

Accept the responsibility of your life are crucial to health, finances, happiness, and so on. The importance of hard work comes from taking responsibility.

When you accept responsibility, you feel powerful as a lion.

Accepting responsibility removes the negative feelings and emotions that stop you to cloud nine and pleasure.

When we all of us are childhood there is no responsibility on our shoulders, we didn’t care about what to eat, what clothes we have to wear because when we are child, our parents are responsible to take care of us.

that time our parents made our decisions, we are free from all responsibility. Because we are young, innocent child we didn’t know what we have to do.

As we are growing up, we start taking our responsibility or makes our own decision in areas of life.

I think taking responsibility is good because of responsibility we know the real value of life. If you are taking responsibility, it means you are still living with your parents’ money.

Accept the responsibility for your family and health.

Blaming someone else is Excuses

In our society around the world, we make the habits of blaming someone else, we are always looking to who to blames for that mistakes.

No Excuses Brian Tracy summary

Instead of blaming, we won’t admit the mistakes we did but because of blaming habits, we look for someone else to blame. 

Blaming habits is bad for your future career, destroy as soon as possible.

The sign of Blaming person always becomes angry at things quickly.

For example, when a not-alive object does not function, to blame it on the not-alive object is so ridiculous it almost sounds insane.

Brian Tracy Author of No Excuse wrote that The law of substitution says that you can substitute positive thoughts for a negative ones. 

Our mind can only hold one thought at a time when we are feeling insecure, anxious about health, or any negativity.

Keep in mind by choosing the positive thoughts you can get rid of any negative emotions that you feel.

Set clear goals

Set the goals for yourself and your goals guide you towards your success. You get success when you work on goals every day without working on goals you won’t get there.

Visit this page to learn more 5 ways to Create an Action plan for Reaching your Goals.

Don't make excuses, set goals

Your goals are only the way to get to the success of life.

When you set clear goals for yourself you see your way very clear and the benefit of setting goals is you know that what you want in life.

After you set clear goals for yourself, now your ability to focus on your goals with your purpose.

You need to have goals to become a successful person or achieve the big rewards in life.

Take the time to ask every area of your life what’s goals and what you want to achieve in your life.

To accomplish success, goals must know the path to success.

At the moment, take out the piece of paper and write down your goals in every area of life health, finances, relationships, etc.

after you write down all your goals on paper now set the deadline when will you want to accomplish them. If you don’t set the deadline you don’t take it seriously and you will work randomly without giving a thought.

Setting goals and deadlines together gives you the best results in getting things done.

Deadline is a date by which something must be completed. 

Why do you need a deadline? No Excuses

In order to focus and concentrate, Your subconscious mind needs a deadline.

Visit this page to learn more Conscious mind and Subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind puts all your energy on goals to accomplish.

By consistently working on your goals daily, your mind will be focused on this goal and you will be on your way to achieving it.

Make a list of goals that you want to achieve in the future.

Personal excellence

The achievement of personal excellence needs a decision to make but without life-long commitment, you will fail. 

Absence of commitment to excellence in your work, goals, etc. you will never do best why because excellence needs decisions and decisions requires commitment.

Excellence requires a decision and a lifelong commitment.

Learn more with no excuses

Do you want to earn more in life, you must learn more every day, every week, throughout your career.

Everybody wants to earn money more and more but only a few people want to learn more. 

In any path of career, you must learn more to earn more money because you know that learning is good for your mind to keep healthy, alert, and boost your thinking power.

There are lots of benefits of learning lifelong. You can search on google to why the benefits of learning lifelong are beneficial for the mind.

Follow the leaders

When you made up your mind you want to be one of the best people in your career, examine every good leader in your field, and examine the best qualities of leaders who are at the top of their work:

  • How do they plan and organize their days?
  • What characteristics do they have in common?
  • How do they talk, behave with other people?

To find out what successful people are doing, you should also ask yourself these questions.

Learn from the best

To learn from the best is the best way because lots of people make mistakes in their careers by choosing the wrong mentors, teachers.

who are not the best in their field, or by choosing teachers who are good at theory but not in practice, but you can see that many worldwide suffer from this problem. 

The best teachers, mentors, and gurus are those who are knowledgeable and have practical experience in their fields. Fast learning can only be achieved by doing.

Why you should learn from the best?

Learn from the experts in the field where you want to achieve the results you desire. Learn from the best means that you won’t make the same mistakes, you achieve the same results you want in a shorter time as compared to learn from the best, learning from the best means taking the fast train or fast flight to get somewhere and saving your time.

7 steps to the top

  • Step 1: arise 2 hours before your usual get uptime.
  • Step 2: rewrite your goals, every day.
  • Step 3: plan every day.
  • Step 4: discipline yourself to concentrate on one thing at a time.
  • Step 5: Listen to educational audio programs in your car.
  • Step 6: ask two magic questions after every call or event.
  1. What did I do right?
  2. What would I do differently?
  • Step 7: Treat every person you meet like a million-dollar customer.

Select the top person in your field, copy him or her as a role model for your development. 

Copying is the first step in learning. 

By copying our parents and those around us, we learn how to walk and talk.

Commit yourself today to lifelong learning and never let a day go by without learning new things in your field.

Organize your time effectively without making excuses

Before you start your day make a list of 3 things that you have to do today. In my opinion, the best time to make the list in the early mornings before 7 am.

But lots of people advise that plan next day at night but you can do according to your convenience.

Whatever you like to plan or make a list of things you want to do at night or early mornings.

First things first, make a plan for the entire day and do your priorities work, task first things in the mornings.

Visit this page to learn more Time Management Tips For More Done.

A B C D E method Brian Tracy No Excuses.

Time managements A B C D E method to your list:

A= Must do

B= Should do

C= Nice to do

D= Delegate

E= Eliminate

This method says that you should never do a B task when you have an A task at hand or left undone.

If you are doing a priority task, you should never do b, c, d, or e lower value tasks.

Do first your priorities task or work. Set priorities and start your day well and you will feel pleased and more in control of yourself. The better you plan and set priorities the better you feel.

Organize your task list by priority by using the time management method of A B C D E until it becomes the life partner of your life.

Identify your Top priority each day and do it until it complete.

Self-discipline problem solving

Solving problems is like solving math questions.

Successful people are always looking for a solution they are good at problem-solving.

they think about solutions most of the time.

I advise you to always look for the root of problems and why the problem causing and the cut off the root.


The power of Self-discipline No Excuses by Brian Tracy is one of the best books out there on self-discipline and excuses. 

Brian Tracy writes down every chapter in simple language to understand.

I just only want to say that buy this book is worth reading. At last, I would like to say to you to stop making excuses in life.

Excuses won’t make you a better or successful person in life.

Around the world, you notice that they don’t make an excuse or they don’t blame their mistakes on others people.

When you buy this book, you’ll learn about your goals, business and money goals, and happiness.

In each chapter of NO EXCUSES, you are guided through a process of applying the “No Excuses” philosophy to your own life. 

My heartfelt recommendation to you is to purchase this book.

Thanks for reading this book summary. I hope you enjoyed it, and please don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Instagram, and with your friends. Leave a comment on what you think about this book summary.

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