Second Best: My Dad and Me by Calum Best.

Book Summary of Second Best: My Dad and Me by Calum Best.


Calum Best The son of George best, the footballer, The Legend, and alcoholic father of Calum best.

Book Summary of Second Best: My Dad and Me by Calum Best.

the book is really amazing but it the really heartbreaking story of Calum best but It’s worth reading.

Calum best always tries to be close to his father all the time.

but the alcohol stopped him to be close to his Dad.

His Dad George Best addicted to alcohol he doesn’t have enough time for his Wonderful son Calum Best.

Calum best loves his father, he wants to live with his father but his father didn’t want to live with him.

because the alcohol stopped him to be close.

Calum Best’s mom is an incredible mum she was there for him when he needed her the most.

the best quality I like about her mum is that she inspired his son to make his own decision in life and find his own way.

Second Best: My Dad and Me by Calum Best.

George Best was not a good father

Calum Best wrote in his book his father was not a good father but his mum gave him security and love that saved him in life.

In the book, Calum best wrote a lot of things that have been said and written about his dad and for him.

Literally, The Calum best the son of George best is simply to write the truth about what happened to him in his life.

Calum best-loved his dad, and his dad is a hero, idol and Calum were so proud to be his son.

But George Best the footballer, the legend who chose alcohol over his son.

Calum Best was proud to be the son of George Best.

Calum best when he was eleven his dad organizes his first visit to Manchester United. He is so proud to be the son of George Best.

He was excited because his dad is the best footballer his dad wants him to there with him.

it’s a big deal to Calum best taking to manchester united and wanting him to be part of the world that is so important to him.

Angie Best is a cool mum

Calum’s Best mum is cool about everything when he was at school.

Calum wanted to dye his hair blue, it sounds stupid Calum knew but he was asked his mum.

his Mom said Positively sure and inspire him to go ahead and do it if you want.

She is a cool mum because she let his son do his own things.

because Calum honest with her mum his mum knew that let him go his own way so he can figure things out for himself and learn from his mistakes.

After he dyes his hair Calum Best realized that the blue hair is surely a big mistake he did.

he felt that he looks stupid and everybody laughs at him in school.

and gets him kicked out of his school for a week.

Angie Best gave him the freedom to do what he wants to do in his life.

George Best arrives home

George arrived at home and Calum sees his dad in a bad mood.

when Calum sees his dad he was shocked because his dad looks like he is been out drinking.

Calum knew that his dad doesn’t look well.

but his dad yelled at his son what the *** is going on here?

George best the footballer raise his voice immediately and he was raging.

He was screaming at Calum and Alex.

but Calum realized that his dad must be thought that something is going on between Calum and Alex.

George best abusing Calum, he was tried to calm down his dad but he was abused again and again.

the words George best spoke to his son make his body shivering his chest tightens.

he said that he is never hurt me like this before.

and at that time he realized that I’m not his son.

Calum said to his dad.

What are you talking about? Dad, what do you mean I’m not your son? what do you mean? Don’t be so silly

he was trying to keep calm his dad. then again his dad abused him.

George best shouts on Calum you are not my son get out of my room.

then he looks out at his dad and feels alone and beaten.

his dad saying because he was drunk and the truth is coming out.

Calum Best Fall in love with weed

He falls in love with weed and he was smoke it every day and he was hanging out with his friends, and they wake up in the morning, meet up and smoke weed before school.

then go to school smoke weed at lunchtime and then at the end of the day go and smoke some more weed.

He smoked all the time with his friends and he didn’t care about anything after smoked weed if what he does is illegal or not.

He like-new experience in his life he was not worried about anything that other people think about him.

all the time he liked weed and other drugs because he won’t have a worry in the world when he has smoked it with his friends.

he felt relaxed and happy at peace with the world he always have some weed with him and it a part of his life.

Spending money fast

He was making good money but the problem is that he was spending money as fast it comes.

he doesn’t know how to save money for the future and he doesn’t care what will be happening in the future only he knows that enjoys now then see what will happen in the future.

when I was reading the book it was shocked me that his bank account has £ 70,000 but a week later it has almost all gone.

It really shocked me He was spending money fast as it comes in.

then he admits that the problem is he like the guy who says I’ll take care of this… or I’ll pay you for the drink etc.

He was bought stupid things for girls like diamonds £900, bracelets for himself, jacket for £3000.

If you want to know more about What happened in Calum’s life Buy the book second-best: my dad and me by Calum best really it was an amazing book.

Go for it.

On every page is Calum’s unconditional love for his Dad George best. the book is the heartbreaking story of their relationship between dad and son.

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