The Magic of Thinking Big Summary

The Magic of Thinking Big Summary: The Secret to Success


The magic of Thinking Big By David Schwartz, Ph.D. As I read the first chapter of this book, I say to myself, “What a great motivational book!”.

I’ll feel on top of the world after completing the book.

I enjoy the magic of thinking books from beginning to end. My rating for this book is 10 out of 10.

I was on cloud nine when I’m reading the magic of thinking big, I highly recommend reading the magic of thinking big to you. You will be over the moon after reading it.

Let’s dive into the summary of the magic of thinking big

Everyone has their own definition of success. The meaning of success is difficult to define. To succeed, you must think big.

Is The Magic of Thinking Big worth reading?

For me, the book is definitely worth reading, and it’s one of the best I’ve ever read in my entire life. Therefore, I will recommend everyone to read it.

Success is different for everybody

You are the best in your field if you are the best in the world. The only one will be the best in the world.

Everybody’s trying to be the best. Nobody has a right to claim they are the best.

Everybody can be the best in the world. Everybody can reach the most successful point in life. All individual is capable of changing the world.

That is the power of one person. That is the power of thinking big. I am a magician. This is my magic.

The secret of thinking big is what I am sharing with you today.

Why thinks big?

The average American thinks success is getting a big house, having a lot of money in the bank, nice cars, a long, long, long, list of things they think of as success.

When I get up in the morning, I have a list of 10 things I have to do. My purpose in life is not to have a big house, a nice car, and nice jewelry, I have a purpose in life.

The reason why you think big is because you are an inquisitive person. You want to understand the universe, the human body, and why things happen in life.

When you look at things from a higher perspective, you see the beauty of the whole.

When I look at success as the whole world, it’s a beautiful thing. Even if you’re as poor as a church mouse, you can still find a way to be rich.

The Magic of Thinking Big Summary

To achieve what you want to achieve, you need to think big.

Dream big The Magic of Thinking Big Summary

By thinking big, you not only have the vision to achieve what you want to achieve but also to believe in yourself and in your vision.

Think Big Your definition of success should be the reality that you want to achieve.

You don’t have to be rich or famous, you don’t have to be loved or be a great beauty but you can choose to be your own person and make your own dreams come true.

Realize your dreams To succeed, you need to be in a good place with yourself and with life. To think big, you need to see it to be it.

This is very important because your life is in your own hands and your life only depends on you.

Your lifestyle, your choices, and your education determine what kind of life you are going to have

Think big and take action

Let’s do something for somebody else and make a difference.

Sometimes the moment itself defines your success.

Always do things to others that will make them more successful Think big and make action Compromise and focus on building your long-term goals.

Not everything is about achieving immediate happiness Pursue a powerful philosophy of being a generous man Make lasting connections through networking and meetups Working with others is also the way to learn Build a powerful team through thinking about yourself first Action: Become a volunteer by helping others Take the lessons learned and use them in your everyday life Doing good for others and having fun at the same time Think big and take action Don’t just have a goal, but stretch it into a ladder

Everyone can dream

Stop looking at others and become a big thinker.

Take into account your knowledge, experiences, capabilities, and motivations. You can’t have a big thinking attitude unless you think big yourself.

Everyone can dream, but only a few people’s dreams come true. The rest of the world is doing tasks that are completely uninteresting to them.

They are stressed, overworked, and going nowhere. They have lots of hard-working and optimistic friends.

Everyone wants success, but everyone doesn’t dream about success.

They just go through life doing routines without thinking about things that are important to them.

Everyone has a book in their head. The book describes what you want to do.

Most people don’t know what they want because they are thinking about things that don’t matter. Do you have a dream job?

What’s success means to you?

Everybody has their own definition of success. It is hard to define what’s the meaning of success.

In life, success means attaining good things. Success is only achieved by thinking big and hard work.

When you achieve success, you are free of worries and fears. there is lots of meaning to success. You can also create your definition of success.

What are you waiting for? Write down on paper what’s success means to you.
In my opinion, success means achieving the goals of life.

You can achieve success by believing in yourself.

I’m reading books over the past 2 years what I learn is that we can only achieve success when we start believing in ourselves.

believe in yourself

If you really want to be a successful person in life. My suggestion to you is that start believing in yourself right now.
What I learn from the book the magic of thinking big when you believe you can do it, then how to do it develops
It means your minds start giving you a road map or ideas to success. You just need to begin believing in yourself.
Whoever believes he can do it will always figure out how to do it.


Start believing in yourself that one day you will be successful people in the world everybody giving you good compliments.

Make sure your belief is strong like your body.

Because beliefs trigger the mind to find a way to how to achieve your goals and how can you be successful.

In simple words, I would like to say that belief triggers the mind or the power to do.

Just imagine your life right now how do you feel when you achieve success by yourself. You are happy and your haters will be shocked.

Just believe in yourself and good things start happening automatically and follow your dreams.
Think big and your success will be big.


Hope the magic of thinking big

Hope is beginning but hope needs action to attain success.
Without hope, you can’t achieve the success you have hope in your journey to get there.

On the journey of your success, you need to take action to win victories.

Good thoughts

Always think good thoughts in your mind because thinking positive thoughts boosts your confidence and builds a positive attitude towards your success.

Train your mind to think positively. When you start thinking good positive thoughts your mind starts to focus on good things and motivate you towards your goals to take action.

If your mind is not happy you will be distracted by negative thoughts so that’s why think positive and your mind will be healthy.

Good positive thoughts boost confidence.


Smile when you are talking with other people because it will make them feel that you are hearing them.


It will make a good connection between you and your friends.

Whenever you are talking with other people always smile and make eye contact with other people. It will good sign of good communication.

After other people stop talking give them compliments with a lovely smile and repeat their last 3-5 phrases and tell your opinions.

but bear in mind whatever you tell make sure it positive compliments.

Always share positive compliments it will them feel proud.

constantly encourages others people and uses good positive phrases and words to influence them.

Creative mind

When you start believing in yourself your creative mind looks for ideas to think big and gives you the creative ideas to build something great and give the gift to the world.

Your creative minds always give you ideas and show you the way towards success.

When the mind starts looking for ideas you get lots of ideas in your mind, make sure that time you have a notebook or pages to write down your ideas.

After you get an idea don’t forget to take action. Without taking action on ideas are useless.

Appearance is important

Wear well and clean clothes to look important because they will help you to think important.
Wearing good clothes make you feel proud by the inner side.

You know that wearing good clothes influences your mood.
Wear clothes like you are a successful person.
Imagine what you will wear when you become a successful person.


Life is about living and thinking big. Success comes from thinking big.

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