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The monk who sold his Ferrari summary, the book is about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny.

Robin Sharma transformed millions of lives and his book the monk who sold his Ferrari is an inspiring tale that provides a beautiful fable.

The book’s story of Julian Mantle is a successful attorney.

Julian Mantle discovered an ancient culture hidden in the Himalayas.

In the book, the monk who sold his Ferrari summary lessons that will help to follow your dreams and life missions.

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Obtain deep peace and live in the present and grow your willpower and inner strength so you achieve your dreams.

The monk who sold his Ferrari inspired lots of people all over the world to achieve extraordinary things in life.

Julian mantle is a successful lawyer.

He is living in a big house he always riding his Ferrari and he earns millions of dollars per year but Julian Mantle is not enjoying his life.

His work is so stressful he hasn’t time to enjoy his life. One day he got a heart attack and he collapsed right in the courtroom.

Robin Sharma book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Summary

Julian was a successful and Great lawyer. Julian was brilliant, elegant. He had a big house and a Ferrari.

Julian accomplished great deeds in his life, but he was not happy.

He required more prestige, more money, and where he was working all day.

In the courtroom session, he sensed pain nearby his chest and abruptly he collapsed.

He was hurried to a nearby hospital where specialists said he’d got a heart attack.

When Julian got his senses again, doctors warned him not to go hard on himself.

as he certainly was not in a status to bear all that stress and tension.

One day, Julian took a daring brave step. He commenced sold every material thing that he owned.

He sold his house, his everything, and he also sold his Ferrari.

after he was sold everything that he owned, he began on a journey looking for the actual meaning of life.

The journey was towards the spiritual land of India beyond the famous Himalayan mountain.

where Indian monks lived and stayed with other monks.

It took someday Julian to find one of the monks who accepted to take him to their mysterious village.

Julian began dwelling there with others monks in the community.

Julian Committed his life to learn the principles of life.

A Julian met Yogi Raman. Observing Julien’s devotedness, the Yogi Raman decided to teach Julian the rules of life.

but there is a condition that Julian will not keep that knowledge and information to himself.

somewhat, Julian has to share the principles of life with the outside world. the monks began telling a story.

The flowers in the garden smell genuinely pleasant.

One lighthouse in the middle of the garden and abruptly the entrance of the lighthouse start opening.

and sumo wrestler coming out from the lighthouse.

the sumo wrestler only wore underwear created of tiny wire.

He walks in a relaxed way around and finds a stopwatch reclining in the garden.

diamonds which led to a situation where the sumo wrestler can find all the happiness and peace in his life.

He began leading on the path.

7 Virtues of Enlightened Living the monk who sold his Ferrari

7 Virtues of Enlightened Living the monk who sold his Ferrari.
7 Virtues of Enlightened Living the monk who sold his Ferrari.

Master your mind

The first Virtue is to Master your mind.

The magnficient garden is the symbol of our brain.

sow good seeds in the ground, you’ll ultimately get fruit on trees and good plants producing beautiful flowers and nice smooth grass.

7 Virtues of Enlightened Living the monk who sold his Ferrari summary.

However, if you plant rubbish and garbage inside your garden, or if you just stop watering the plants, your garden will someday become a junkyard.

Likewise, if you fill your head with positive feelings and thoughts like kindness, love, gratitude and your brain will grow into an elegant garden.

always keep producing good thoughts in your garden.

It will help you accomplish magnificent things in life with emotional and internal peace.

But if your thoughts are negative or you don’t provide your brain with regular exercise, it will turn into a garbage junkyard.

which can only produce bad and toxic thoughts in your mind.

There are old people who said, a negative mind is a beast house.

The garden is a symbol for the mind because if you care for your mind if you nurture it and if you cultivate it just like a fertile, rich garden, it will blossom far beyond your expectations.

Your mind is nature’s greatest gift. Most people don’t realize the enormous power of their minds.

Mind management is the essence of life management.

Yogi Raman said that There are no mistakes in life, only lessons.

there is no such thing as a negative experience, only opportunities to grow, learn, and advance your life.

from struggles comes strength. even pain can be a wonderful teacher.

Expand Your Imagination

You must expand your Imagination because you see things in your mind first and then in reality.

everything created twice first in our mind and then in reality.

The monk who sold his Ferrari summary call this process “Blueprinting” because anything that you create in your outer world began as a simple blueprint in your inner world.

Follow Your Purpose

The second Virtue is to follow your purpose in life. the symbol is a lighthouse.

A lighthouse presents the precise purpose of life.

Set goals in life clearly determined your own, spiritual, and professional goals, and then have the courage to act on them.

You have to set the goals in life because if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?

7 Virtues of Enlightened Living the monk who sold his Ferrari. SET GOALS

What I want to say is simply that when you surely identify what your purposes in life and what you want in life to achieve of your life.

The lighthouse in the monk who sold his Ferrari will remind you of the power of setting clear purposeful goals in life and have the power and courage to act on them.

Set a Goal

Goal setting is the origin point. planning your goals and your purpose in life get you on to the path of your joy, laughter, and purpose.

Likewise, You need to keep the best and right path in your life to achieve your goals. You can only achieve a goal in life when you know your target and purpose.

Create your purpose and set the goals and work on it until you achieve them. In the journey of your goals, you face obstacles but you should have to keep going.

Although if you’re going in the appropriate and right direction, in the future you reach your destination and achieve the target.

The most important Principle in The monk who sold his Ferrari is you will never be able to hit a target that you cannot see.

most people don’t have time to know their purpose in life and after that, they spend their entire lives dreaming of becoming wealthy and happier.

they do not know the value of taking 30 minutes a day to write down their goals and purpose in life.

remember goal setting is the way to know your target in life and where you want to go.

Likewise, When you set clear goals and purpose. your mind starts to focus on your life destination and aims.

your subconscious begins to separate out the unnecessary and useless thoughts and focus only on the important.

5 step method to reach your objectives and fulfill the purposes of lives.

  • 1: Have a clear vision of your results.
  • 2: Create a positive attitude to keep you inspired.
  • 3: Set a goal with a deadline.
  • 4: The magic rule of 21.
  • 5: Relish the method.

Practice Kaizen The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

The third Virtue is related to practice kaizen and the symbol is a sumo wrestler.

Kaizen is a Japanese word it means constant and never-ending improvement, learning, and growth.

If you really want to improve your outer world, you have to work on the inside first.

whether your relationships, health, and finances, you need to improve your inner world first.

7 Virtues of Enlightened Living the monk who sold his Ferrari.

taking the time to do exercise and meditate and train your brain to care for your body and health.

Practice the kaizen by pushing yourself daily. work on yourself to improve your health and body.

Do the things you fear

do the things you fear because fear is nothing more than mental negative thoughts you have created in your mind.

Whenever you think fear and negative thoughts, they stop you from doing the things that make you successful in life.

and fear and negative thoughts stop you from taking action.

fear is your own creation. the best way to do beat fear is to do the things you fear.

Remember when you delete fear from your mind, you look young and your health becomes strong and well-being.

The monk who sold his Ferrari

master your mind, body and you will erase the fear from your life.

when you erase the fear, happiness will flow into your life. your mind is a treasure of happiness and true love of yourself.

we need to always keep learning and practice kaizen the Japanese word for constant self-learning and improvement of life and progress.

install the habit of kaizen and start self-learning, self-taught and make the habit of reading books because books are the best guides.

you learn the best lessons, principles and laws from books, and you always keep improving in every small thing that you do in your life.

set aside at least 2 hours a day to improve yourself, learn the things you want to learn next thirty days. and don’t make the excuse that you don’t have time.

when you invest the time in yourself for improvement it will change your life and others people’s lives too.

taking the time to learn and improve yourself is the most essentials thing you can do for yourself.

you must keep on practicing every day if you want to see yourself at the next level.

Live with discipline

The fourth virtue is related to live with discipline, the underwear the sumo wrestler is wearing which is made up of wires.

The pink wire cable reminds you of the power of self-control and discipline in creating a happier and enlightened life.

The monk who sold his Ferrari the sages taught that self-discipline was like a wire cable.

Discipline is developed by consistently doing little actions of courage.

thin wires might be weak and low alone, but when you put them together are more powerful and stronger than an iron rod.

Likewise, your self-control and discipline are built up of all the small things that you do in your life.

waking up early, go for a walk and doing exercise for a few minutes, or reading books every day. you feel that these small things don’t really matter.

However, in reality, these small things are the only thing that matters in life to make you successful in the future.

You won’t see a result and impact immediately because it will take time, but in the long term, these small things can bring remarkable significant changes in your life and they will determine who you are as a person.

Respect your time The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

The fifth virtue is respected for your time the symbol is stopwatch which means time.

time is our most valuable asset and when we lost time we won’t get it back. time is non-renewable.

7 Virtues of Enlightened Living the monk who sold his Ferrari.

focus on your main important task at hand.

Invest time on Top priorities

invest your time on top priorities of your work. use your time wisely and you’ll get the reward in the future.

around the world rich or poor you are, you only have 24 hours in a day, not even a second more or less than anyone else. so use it wisely. and protect your time from non-productive people.

spend your 24 hours where you want to go in life. because your time makes you rich or poor and sad or happy.

Most people have a habit of procrastinating. procrastination is nothing but a waste of time. laziness and procrastination are both time killers.

when you woke up in the morning, your friend is running from the gym feeling energized, fit, and fortunate.

when I say time is a valuable asset, it doesn’t mean that you should continuously keep working and keep learning all the time.

No Instead, you need happiness and enjoy your life with your friend, relatives and have some entertainment and fun movements in your life.

however, you must have to know how do you manage everything in those 24 hours.

a successful person knows how to manage time. So they manage everything in the same 24 hours that each one of us has got.

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Time allows you to do the things you like to do. know where to invest your time. time leads to mastery. and please guard your time well because it’s a non-renewable supply.

plan your day in advance and learn how to manage time creatively. remember you must have to focus on your time around your top priorities on a to-do list.

Don’t let your friend and relatives steal your valuable time. be careful of time thieves. and learn to say no.

selflessly serve others

the sixth virtue of the monk who sold his Ferrari is Selflessly serving others and the symbol is to the fragrant rose.

The flowers will remind you of the ancient Chinese proverb, “A little bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives you roses.

It means when you work to develop other people’s lives you also upgrade and grow your own life in the process.

be kind to others and remember kindness is not a weakness. keep the practice kindness to others and try to help people who need it.

The monk who sold his Ferrar Yogi Raman said that when we are born, we are crying while the world rejoices. he suggested that we should live our lives in such a way that when we die, the world cries while we are rejoicing.

Give those who ask. make a good relationship with others people. and practice daily kindness.

Share your love and happiness with others because of the feeling of happiness and joy, help others selflessly and you’ll attain yourself happy all day.

Embrace the Present

The seventh virtue is Embrace the present and it is related to the path of diamonds.

the diamonds symbolize the small time of happiness that comes our way in life.

Live in the “Now” and enjoy the gift of the present. you have each day and never sacrifice happiness for your success.

live always in the present time.

Our human minds are created in such a way that we lead to get worried and disturbed thinking of our past and bothering about the future.

You genuinely relish the small joyful moments in life when you start focusing on the present that you have now.

your happiness movement can be anything, for example, playing with friends and your kids in a nearby park, or perhaps giving some time with your spouse.

always lived in the present because the Present time is the real diamonds in our life.

Today is the day to play with kids, today is the day to love your partner. now is the time to know your purpose in life.

now you can spend your few hours with your family to play some game or go outside for a walk. and never, ever forget the gift of your family.

The best gift you can give your family is your love and time to play with them. show them how much you love and care about them. your family love` is the greatest reward in life.

Develop the habit of living in the present.

Conclusion of the monk who sold his Ferrari Summary

Life is all about choices. Invest in yourself. Make a clear vision. Love yourself first. Be happy with what you have.

Live in present. Care your mind. Surround yourself with a garden or nature. Learn to take control of your thoughts and mind. Meditate daily.

Inner change requires time and effort. Be patient and live with the knowledge. Always be happy. Do what you love and like to do.

Find and follow your purpose. Don’t waste your time. Have to courage to take risks in life.

Trust yourself and Go for what you want in life.

Taking the time to master your mind. Listen to some great music. Live your day as if it was your last. Self-control and self-discipline. Learn to say no.

There are no mistakes in your life only lessons to learn. From mistakes, you can learn and become a wise person. Pain is a wonderful teacher of life.

Think positive thoughts all the time and give thanks for whatever you have now and be grateful for whatever God gives you. Work on your gratitude list to be happy and calm.

Life doesn’t give you what you ask for every time but life always gives you what you need now.

these were the seven Virtues that the monk taught Julian in Himalayans which totally transform his life.

Julian spread out knowledge to his friends and the external world. now you can share this knowledge with your friends by sharing this book summary of The monk who sold his Ferrari.

Thanks for reading this book summary. I hope you enjoyed it, and please don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Instagram, and with your friends. Leave a comment on what you think about this book summary.

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