What is Self-control and How to Be In Control?


Self-control is the ability to control your emotions and actions because you are very angry, upset, disgust and sad, etc.

If you want to control yourself first you must have to keep control of your mind because your mind controls your feeling and emotions.

if you are unable to control your own mind then you cannot control yourself.

What is self-control?

Psychologists define self-control as the capacity to control your way of acting for the purpose of stop yourself from desire things or a thing that attracts you and accomplishes your aim.


You heard self-discipline all the time your mother told you that don’t spend money on useless things and you need to control yourself because nowadays you are spending money so much on bad things.

then you reply back to your mother I’m not spending money on useless things I know how to spend money on things instead I know how to self-control not spending money on useless things.

and the argument matter goes on further and your mother thinks that my son don’t know how to control himself to not spending money on useless things.

on the other hand you think that you have self-control in yourself.

the problem is that between you and your mother is both of you haven’t self-control you know why because when both of you control your mind and both of you understand each other feelings.

but the problem is that both of you are very angry, both are not ready to understand or calm their mind.

therefore, keep in mind self-control is the ability to control your anger and feeling to control yourself.

self-control examples

Let’s say you want to be a healthy person, how to be healthy stop eating junk chinses food that harm your body and stomach.

How to stop eating junk food?

self-control is the ability to stop eating useless junk chines food.

In simple words, self-control stop you from eating a junk food.

How to develop self-control?

First and foremost you must commit by yourself that I have to control myself. remember your self-control make you good habits and bad habits.

When you develop Self-control yourself it makes you a good person for a lifetime.

For example, Early to bed and early to rise.

Go to sleep early at night and get up early in the morning is self-discipline. because when you go to bed at your specific time it means you have the self-discipline to sleep at your specific time and wake up at the specific time.

Don’t touch your phone in the morning after you wake up, you need to control yourself when you rise in the morning so I am not touching my mobile phone.

here are few techniques to develop self-control?

Control your thoughts

Keep your thoughts in control and go outside in sit alone and ask yourself some question why I am getting this type of thoughts?

You need to aware of your thoughts because your thoughts build your future.

If you want to control your thoughts start journaling and write down your thoughts in your journal whatever thoughts running inside your head and after write down your thoughts on a journal then do meditation for 10 minutes to relax your mind.

The best way to relax your mind is through meditation and deep breathing these are excellent ways to relax your mind.


Without direction, you cannot self-control that’s why you must plan for what you will do to achieve your aim in life.

Know what you desire

Occasionally we not having self-control because when you know clearly what’s your desire and aim in life.

it is easier to self-control because you make a plan to achieve your desire and aim, and your clear desire and aim or plan point out you in the right direction.

It is crucial to know what you desire and what’s your goals in life.

Why self-control is Important?

The importance of self-control is we must control ourselves to stop doing the wrong things or stop eating junk food. if we have control in ourselves then we control anything.

Self-control is an essential skill to achieve long-term goals in life because it will help us to focus on our goals in life that we want to achieve.

If we cannot control ourselves, we will never get our goals.

No matter what the problem is, control yourself and take one step towards your goals every day.

Sometimes you will feel that I cannot do this because my manna is not craving to work. And you stop working. Then they are not able to get their goals. Because if you listened to your manna and stopped working.

If you do not start working by keeping yourself in control, then you will not be able to get your goals.

Therefore self-control is very important in life.

self-control technique

The importance of self-control is the ability to achieve long-term goals in life.

If we cannot control ourselves, we won’t achieve the goals in life that we set for ourselves.

Self-control is an important skill to stick with your commitment to achieve goals no matter what happened.

Examples of The importance of self control

Suppose you have to do your school work by this evening. But then you immediately get a call from your friend to call you. He speaks to you that Kahana Kahana kahane kahane chalta hai. And you get stuck at this time. Because you have to complete your school work before this time is over and also go out to have dinner with friends.

What do you do?

Maybe you will control yourself because your school work is more important for you than eating outside at this time.

Importance of self control is essential character in helping you to achieve the desired goals or result in life.

Remember self-control is the pill that may flavor unpleasant however bring the desired outcomes.

Benefits of self-control


The best benefit of self-control is to commit yourself I can do it.

Speak to yourself I’m not going to use social media in the morning and then control yourself No matter what happens I’m not using social media in the morning.

Good health

The second benefit of self-control is good health the more you exercise the more you feel good, exercising helps you to maintain good health and helps you to protect yourself from diseases.

The more you exercise self-discipline on a regular the stronger you become.

Break a bad habits.

Self-control is the best way to break a bad habit and control yourself to stop doing a bad habit again.

Self-discipline helps you to stop spending money on useless things that don’t give you value.

break a habit of spending money unwillingly instead make a habit of saving money.

Self-control priority

Having too many to-do lists can be unproductive. pick the task that is crucial and ignore the rest of the task.

Learn self-control

When you learn how to self-discipline you can control anything in life.

self-control improve focus.

Self-control help to focus on the task at hand and ignore the distraction.

self-discipline helps you to take action on the important task and give your time to do better.

self-discipline is an investment that help you into the future.

Lack of self-control

Here is a reason why people face a lack of self-control in life. the reason, that lack of control is you cannot control yourself because you have no cause to control yourself.

you don’t have any aim in life, it like a bus without a driver a mobile phone without a battery.

so what does it mean and what’s the reason for lack of self-control is having no goal in life, no goal in life means no reason to control and no direction in life.

In other words, lacking self-discipline means when you not controlling your behavior in bad circumstances it means you are lacking self-control.

Best examples of self-control

self-discipline is when you want to drink coffee but you use your strength of will to stay away from drinking coffee because you know it isn’t superior to you.

Self-discipline tips

here are few self-control tips to control yourself.

  • set goals
  • set deadlines for your goals
  • make a plan for your goals
  • prioritize your goal first
  • break bad habits
  • meditate

self-disciplines books

No excuses: the power of self-discipline by Brian Tracy.

this book teaches self-discipline through 21 chapters under 3 parts in particular self-discipline for personal success, self-discipline for career, and self-discipline for happiness.

When I read this book I was shocked how one simple thing called self-discipline is important in life.

The science of self-discipline by peter hollins

This book teaches wisdom to the people who are unaware and suffer from procrastination. it’s a life-changing book on the topic of self-stability and self-discipline.

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