Why Is It Important To Follow Your Dreams

Why Is It Important To Follow Your Dreams: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think.


If you don’t Why Is It Important To Follow Your Dreams now You’ll Hate Yourself Later.

Can you imagine how do you feel when you are financially secure, travel around the world, have a successful career?

You Don’t Have to Be Rich to follow your dreams. you have to believe in yourself to achieve your dreams.

Warning: If You Depend on your parents, friends, and your boss and you think they fulfill your dreams. you are wrong.

want to know why you are wrong? Must read till the last.

Want to buy your own dream house, have a happy family. Do you want to be an actor, singer, businessman, and writer?

But right now, that feels like you are stuck in a job, you have no enough money to travel the world.

want to follow dreams read till the last.

Why Is It Important To Follow your dreams and hearts because you and everyone in the world are no born into a perfect life?

because everyone has to create their life perfectly by putting in the effort.

By putting effort and you make your dreams into reality.

it doesn’t matter what your circumstances now or when you were born it’s your job is to make your dream into reality or perfect and better.

if you really want to be perfect in life first you need to educate yourself by self-learning.

your life will be perfect when your dreams come true but remember whatever circumstances now or you were born and whatever the family condition are you are born.

in the world, you are born to make your dreams come true and no matter what happens you have to achieve your dreams.

FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS QUOTES  Why Is It Important To Follow Your Dreams
follow your dreams quotes

Why should you follow dreams?

whatever the difficulty you are facing you must have to face it don’t run away from a difficult situation.

when you on the journey to chase your dreams you’ll be facing obstacles but you have to stand then face them.

you need to do everything to makes your dreams come true and don’t complain I had no money, what should I do, where can I start.

You know that in the world most of the successful people started from nothing they had no money but they didn’t complain.

they only work on their dreams to make it happen. because they know that excuse no breed genius or hero.

Your excuses are the killer of your own dreams.

they only focus on their dreams and keep going with whatever they had.

when you start believing in yourself you can do anything to make your dreams into reality.

Why Is It Important To Follow Your Dreams QUOTES
follow your dreams quotes

you have power and everything within you to be or do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams.

keep in mind, the doers are achievers of dreams.

doers make the dreams into reality you have to take action on ideas to achieve your dreams and goals in life.

when you got an idea write it down on a piece of paper and then make a plan on how can you implement it.

Inside Abilities to follow your dreams

you need to discover the inner abilities that you have inside you.

as you start discovering yourself what’s abilities and know how to use them and overcome any obstacles you face in the journey to make your dreams come true.

It does not matter you are educated or not how much education you get, how much money you have, and how much experience you have.

it’s the discovery of your inner abilities or inner voice, there is power inside each and everyone’s body.

every successful person faces the obstacle to achieve their dreams.

follow your dreams quotes

a successful person overcomes any obstacles and you can overcome them too.

when you find truly who you are and what your burning desire dreams to be or what you want, you can achieve it.

by realizing your dream you’ll feel the great power inside you. you feel you were born to make my life perfect and other’s life perfect too.

A hobby is a clue to follow dreams

Your hobby is a clue that turned into big dreams that in the future became the big companies.

it doesn’t matter whether you were born in India, Australia, the United States, Indonesia, France, or Singapore.

Who has ever been born or will be born comes with a unique talent or genius ability?

yes indeed, that’s true but the problem is many people don’t find their unique talent or ability many wills lives their life without discovering.

make the time to pursue your dream or invest in your hobby to make the perfect because a hobby can be a clue to your successful life to make you better maybe your passionate about.

most of the people turned their hobbies into big companies.

for example, many people love to play games ever since they were a child because they loved playing the game.

they make their hobbies into a company like building a games company, designing games and adding a new character, features and entertain people.

always follow your dreams

no matter how difficult or impossible to achieve your dreams you need to take one step towards your dreams.

after I read a lot of books I realized that every life has a purpose.

and we should work toward our purpose and realizing it because that would be a real achievement when you find your purpose.

the purpose you made by you, not by other people.

Golden opportunities hidden

Every negative circumstance is something that you need to aware and what’s hidden in negative circumstances may be a good thing is buried within a negative and bad situation.

your job is to discover the golden opportunities hidden within a bad situation.

take a risk to pursue your dreams, if you don’t take risks your dream will be the end, and it like a body without a soul, it’s misery.

take a risk to follow your dreams.

how old or how young you are right now you have to take a risk to pursue your dreams.

never give up on your dreams, keep going and listen to your heart just follow your dreams.

whatever you are doing now, or each day in your life if that’s not making your bliss and happiness that’s means you are not fueling your heart with bliss.

the better way to make your heart full is to do the things that you like to do or pursue your dreams to make your heart better and happier.

follow your dreams and your heart became better and happier.

life is short to wait for the right time to pursue your dreams.

now you might be thinking that I’ve got a lot of time to follow my dream, but in reality, you don’t have time.

remember life doesn’t line everything up for you and saying hey dear “Here is where you should start to pursue your dreams”.

my advice to you does not to put off your dreams, invest the daily 20% of your time to follow your dreams.

if you are put off your dreams you will keep putting them off further.

the best time is now to take the first step towards your dreams and goals in life that you want to achieve.

the dream or goals in life is anything but you should start to pursue right now. do it now don’t wait for right time.

Are you waiting for someone else?

literally, that’s so hilarious if you are waiting for your friends, relatives, partner, and boss.

they will make your dreams come true that’s so funny.

no one else is going to make your dreams come true. you are the only one who can pursue your dreams and you know what you want to be.

your boss, friends, and relatives, etc, nobody can do it for you.

you are responsible for your own life. when you start to take a small step in life to take your own responsibility.

it means you are ready to pursue your dreams.

create a life that makes you happy and fulfilled your mother and father’s dreams too.

you are the only person that can fulfill your parent’s dreams.

I know when you take a one-step every day to follow your dreams maybe you might be afraid to go further or maybe you quit pursuing your dreams because you think you could fail.

the reason behind this is fear of failure.

fear of failure stops you from opportunities that waiting for you.

opportunities are waiting for you each day you need to be in the present moment because if you are not in the present moment. you can’t see the opportunity.

open your eyes and live in the moment to see golden opportunities and grab them because opportunities are everywhere.

happiness comes from fulfilling

true happiness comes from fulfilling your dreams and achieves your small and big goals in life.

follow your dreams quotes

the happiness comes from the work that you passionate about it.

your life is precious make sure you are always fulfilling your dreams. because at the end of life you’ll be regret all the things you didn’t achieve fulfill or did.

imagine right now what would be like if you are chasing your dreams and achieve them.

yep, obviously, you’ll be blissful and cheerful.

at the end of life, you’ll be with no regret because you fulfilled your dreams.

keep in mind dreams don’t come true while you are sleeping.

it is true if you think that you are sleeping all day and you can fulfill dreams, you are wrong.

you need to work on your dreams every day.

You must have to take action because action makes dreams into reality.

3 simple steps to know what you want?

  1. What do you want in life?
  2. put your hands on your wonderful heart and ask yourself, what do I want in my life?
  3. whatever the first thing that comes to mind is always the precise answer.

Questions of life

start asking yourself questions and god will give you an answer.

here are few questions you can ask yourself.

  • what do I do to make myself happy? or what would be my dream place or home?
  • what is my purpose in life? what’s the reason for being on earth?

remember when you truly blissfully put your trust in God, the god guides your mind.

before you ask yourself questions get yourself a calm and relaxed state of mind, then start asking questions.

after you get an answer, take one small step toward it.

Not knowing what dream

you are not alone most people not knowing in life what’s their dream or what’s the purpose of life.

because they never take the time or made the time to ask themselves questions.

asking questions and god will give you an answer.

when you find your dreams and make them into reality, all the other dreams you have for life come true too.

because dreams are attached to each other, and once dream comes all the dreams rest will follow.

3 words fuel to follow dreams

“Follow your happiness” these three words are the fuel of your life, these words guiding you toward your happiness or dreams.

happiness is a feeling when you do something you like to do, the feeling is connected to your heart.


when you feel happiness your heart too.

do the one thing every day that giving you happiness do something that makes you happy daily.

write it down in a diary or journal what’s the one thing today I do that makes me feel good and happy.

Your happiness could be simple such as sitting in a park then listening to music and relaxing.

follow your happiness

make sure you follow your happiness it should be anything.

follow your dreams and it will lead you to happiness. the money will come when you doing the work that you love to do.

when your work is happiness you will be happy.

now you decided to do the work you love. it is your life do things that make you happy.

follow your heart and dreams

follow your heart and dreams, there is something special inside your heart. such as talent or skill that is god gifted to your or for everyone.

You are a worker and you are working on company, shop and office 12 hours a day and you are totally sad because you don’t like that job.

What do you take a 2-3 hours daily to invest in your talent and learn the skills and build a something great.

Remember don’t quit your job immediately because you need to pay your rent mortgage groceries and educations fees etc.

have to plan follow dreams

You have to plan how can you invest 2-3 hours daily on your talent or skills to become perfect.

Use the internet to learn new skills or make videos on YouTube, write a blog, and do research. Nowadays everything at your mobile phones.

 You need only two things to use wisely first is the right mindset and the second is to use your finger type on google what you want to learn and share with the world.

Or if you have good knowledge write a blog or make videos on youtube, on social media.

Most of the people complaining that you don’t know I have the responsibility of my family and others responsibilities.

Yeah, you are right but you know that you are not the only person who has a responsibility for your family.

All over the world have a responsibility, so you’re not unique.

God doesn’t send you here for hey dear you are born to take responsibilities only, God said to you that taking responsibilities is good for life.

When you start taking responsibility you are doing great and good things in life but you need to follow your dream.

Slowly start to build up skills and then your skills build a business.

Remember doing work for someone else or work on yourself, it’s your choice where ever you work you must take responsibilities.

happiness will lead to dreams

Your ideas plan action happiness will lead you to all of your dreams.

Follow dreams and happiness with all of your heart.

Although you can’t see the future god knows your future so put all your trust in God and god give you guidance.

Believe in yourself and one day you’ll reach your destination.

Belief is a way to achieve anything in life, you must have to believe that you can achieve your dreams.

When you start believing in yourself all things are possible for you and I believe in you can do it.

Your belief will help you in a difficult time or any obstacles you face. Belief enables you to realize your dreams.

Belief is an ingredient to achieve your dreams.

You aren’t believing in yourself to follow dreams?

The reason that you don’t believe in yourself because your friends, family members, and relatives put negative thoughts upon you and you accepted their negative advice and suggestion.

But remember that you were born with belief.

Remind yourself when someone speaking negative talk it means he or she doesn’t have dreams or goals in life.

So that’s why they talk negatively. Remind yourself always to think positively and take one step each day towards your dreams and goals.

Subconscious mind

When you start believing in yourself, your subconscious mind gives you a map to reach follow dreams.

Negative friends, family, and any other people are not going to help you to achieve your dreams and goals in life.

Because the negative person doesn’t believe in themselves how they will help you?

Put the good thoughts in your subconscious mind it will create a happy life.

There’s a saying that your thoughts create your life.

start to follow dreams

Keep in mind when you start to think about your dreams and you can do anything.

for the first time, your subconscious mind will reject the thoughts because the subconscious mind knows that those thoughts aren’t true.

But as you daily keep saying to your mind that you can do it.

it means you are planting the thoughts in your subconscious mind.

 As you start to believe in your dreams you can do anything to achieve them. After that those dreams thoughts will become a belief.

Start believing yourself you can do anything.

It has been said that whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe he or she can achieve.

One step towards dreams is all that every successful people took.

You are feeling happy now or in the journey of your dreams your belief become strong.

on the other side if you’re discouraged and sad it means negative thoughts doubts come in.

The simple thing you can do is set your mind to believe in yourself.

Visualize Dreams

Visualize your dreams before and after getting up in the morning.

You heard all the time people talk about visualization. Visualization is a cinema hall where you can see your dreams and watch them first.

visualize your dreams follow your dream quotes
Visualize your dreams

Top athletes use the power of visualization constantly in their training because all our powers come from the mind.

The mind has the ability to envision what you want to be.

Create a vision of dreams

Create a vision in mind of the exact dreams and destination where you want to go.

The essentials part of the brain is, your brain manufactures first in the mind then your outcomes come into reality.

Create a vision of a picture in mind of the dreams of your life.

Your dreams are anything such as house, bike, take a trip around the world. Good partner, success, and wealth.

Create all of those visions in mind first then whatever you see believe it you can achieve.

but it will take lots of time to get in your hand.

Be patient because it is a game only for those people who have patience.

why because it will take a months, years or maybe more than years and so on.

visualize dreams each day

But you have to visualize each day until you get in your hand.

Don’t be upset if you don’t get the result that you want, be patient.

Make a vision and create a plan do whatever it takes but believe in yourself.

Put your trust in-universe and in god and one day your dreams come true.

Keep in mind it’s a long journey but it will be a big achievement.

Visualize the journey of your dreams

The visualization technique is one of the famous techniques for athletes because science knows there is power in the human mind.

Human beings have the greatest power and secret to create whatever desires, dreams, and goals in their life.

Because our subconscious mind love pictures placed a picture in your subconscious mind and it’ll take you to your destination.

follow your Dreams quotes

“Success is achieved twice, once in the mind and the second time in the real world”.

Follow your dreams quotes by Azim Prem ji.

Your friends may be laughing at you, they will give negative advice like that’s not happening why are you wasting your time that’s not here.

Yes, it is but you know that if you can think it, see in mind, you’ll get it.

Avoid the negative people and be patient everything takes time.

You are standing at “A” and your dreams waiting for “Z” wake up be aware grab the opportunity to work on the idea. Take action be patient and you catch your dreams.

You can visualize anything such as taking a trip with family, the outcome of exams, crack the interview, etc.

Make sure you visualize every day because of these powerful abilities to every human being on the planet.

Everybody was born with talents and abilities.

Thoughts Responsibility

learn to take responsibility of your thought because your thought is the creator of the world.

whatever in this world is already built it is first created in mind then into reality.

whenever you are thinking negative thoughts you need to aware recognize and convert them into positive thoughts.

visualize a good thought and good desire dreams and it will change your life.

train your mind and thoughts to see the positive in every situation it’s so much easier to turn off those negative thoughts.

the more you look for positive thoughts the more you’ll find it.

power of positive thinking to follow dream

in my life, I already experienced and still experiencing the power of positive thinking to attract desire dream, and living in a calm way.

If somebody is miserable all the time, it means he or she is distraught, you have to give them hope.

but remember you cannot control anyone but yourself.

you have the freedom to choose positive friends and negative friends, that’s your choice because you can find easily two types of people.

In every situation, you find two-person positive or negative in the world.

throw negative thoughts out from the mind and invite the positive one.

Something good will be happen

no matter how dark or how difficult the situation you need to becomes optimistic and hopeful.

there are always going to be two experience positive and negative my advice is to you that always look for good positive things and you’ll win in life.

Pessimist kill dream

if you are pessimistic and depressed now it means you are killing your dream.

pessimist and depressed people can kill any dreams.

anger, negative, sadness is the relatives of each other because they are already negative and make you too.

they come without invitation because they love annoying humans.

try to push out all negative emotions and feelings with positive feelings and emotions.

ask for positivity for help and throw them out from the mind and say get out of my mind I hate you, I don’t want to see you again.

Be aware of emotions and feelings.

if you’re feeling negative and down, then listen to a positive song, that makes you feel good and lifts your spirits.

do the fun that makes you feel happy and do it again and again.


follow your dreams and set your goals. take action on ideas to follow your dreams.

keep in mind, the doers are achievers of dreams.

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